Malcador Heavy Tanks are Gen 1 Baneblades. . and under 8th ed. rules, it’s become a lot more useful and a real threat to my opponent. I pciked up a malcador for my GC after FW released that image of the various The issue I’m having is which rule set do I use for this tank. So with that said, I have decided to purchase a Malcador tank over . As one who has never seen a Malcador in action nor read the rules for it.

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Both of ya’ll bring up excellent points about the lascannon on BS 4. But in the end do what you want mate, it’s your army and your hobbying experience. My Infernus has always cleaned up in every game I’ve used it, I usually just charge it up field at my opponents biggest blob of men and watch them panic. Go hog wild with Malcadors if that is what you want. These beasts were not driven by hunger, they were insane, driven to madness by their own uniqueness.

Although the Malcador Defender is very cramped, fitting a large crew of 8 into its tightly-packed and blazingly hot hull, it is as prone to engine problems as the other variants of the Malcador tank, and its battlefield role means that it seldom operates far from support or resupply.

Now I didn’t factor in the heavy stubber for the Infernus that it comes equipped with or flammable fuel or even performance against TEQs and ma,cador vehicles, and like anything that is math-hammered everything is arbitrary and does not accurately translate into the game as there are a ton of variables that come with number crunching. The Defender’s ability to put out 21 Heavy Bolter shots in addition to sporting a Demolisher cannon is riles, but when I saw that the Annihilator variant could field twin lascannons and autocannon sponsons I also drooled a little bit.


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A case for Malcador Tanks in 8th? : WarhammerCompetitive

I might get a Malcador with a battle cannon somewhere down the line. Yes, I am here all the time because this is the last 40k forum I can access from work.

Community Forum Software by IP. So with deep striking units like that, you need to create a buffer. Because yes, 40k is that ridiculous of a setting to have tanks that can be put soundly into a category like that. I know that some bad luck was involved in those series of events, but it is amazing the difference between BS 3 and BS 4 when it comes to the lascannon and getting the return out of your investment.

Back to top 9 Arkaniss Posted 09 May – This is, literally, a blatant rip of the French Char B1 heavy tank, though the B1 had an actual turret.

Not that the Imperium cares about tank crews’ health. If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! It’s T8 with 18 wounds. Back to top 24 Are Verlo Posted 11 May – Not bad, but even better would it be applying to all weapons. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. If looking for efficiency, 4 artemias for pretty much the same cost might be the better choice one thing I like about them is exploding in your opponents face, and getting 4 instead of 1 can put the fear in your opponent And I have a Malcador annihilator but haven’t fielded it yet so cannot comment on that.

Evidently they’re obsolete predecessors to the Russ, usually only seen on the field supporting Planetary Defense Forces.


I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password.

Purchasing and Arming a Malcador

Necrons are difficult, but the key is just going to be forcing them to make a lot of saves, and thin their numbers before they reach you. Additionally as a light super heavy they allow to use superheroes rules without your opponent wanting to strangle you for bringing a baneblade to a friendly game. As a result, they are rarely deployed amongst the Imperial Guard’s armored regiments.

Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Given their fluff cheapness to mass produce the Malcador and probably this variant and the annihilator, that is and therefore it’s common use in PDFs and the Tyranids coming Please join us in the Warhammer community Discord by clicking here. I, on the other hand, truly know no fear. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Would fielding Malcador-type tanks on away-armies be “Unfluffy”? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Poor bastard can’t catch a twnk. Posted 08 May – And run it along side my 2 artemia hellhounds. So a bullet sponge while other units zoom around?

With the 6th and 7th editions, maybe they can now. The only problem now is my regular opponents know what it does so it does become a bit of a bullet magnet sometimes. I use 3 battle tanks malcasor 30k, and 2 Infernuses and an Annihilator in 40k.

Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so atnk more. I have to admit they really pull their weight.