Liminal Cosmogony. «The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart.» HOMEPAGE. More. LIMINAL COSMOGONY – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EXCERPT FROM LIMINAL COSMOGONY. “The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves.

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The network itself will reveal the human soul in a way that is unimaginable and therefore indefensible. The areas of resistance to the Grand Portal are predictable if not avoidable.

It is being released at this time because the energies of the Central Sun and the teachers of light are clearing a path to enable a stronger telepathic connection with those who desire this new empowerment. This activity re-grids cosomgony collective heart and connective mind to the emerging culture of the one, unified planet moving in the upward spiral of the seven dimensional hypersphere in which all beings within its quantum and space-time presence are unified with the planet, and the planet with the Central Sun.

Liminal Cosmogony

It is the method of activation taught on all lijinal for those aligned to the Plan of Expansion into the Lands Unknown. Well, frankly speaking, I have not heard it either. And it is what the humanity needs at this time of our evolution. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is permissible in any medium, provided this notice is included. And the various religions are set against each other by black ops movements. LEARN to think about what you see and tune it out, or off. As true knowledge appears on a planet and is accepted as truth, separation begins to end, and the resulting wars that may accompany separation begin to cease.

I do not myself use for example deodorants. Please feel free to explore the WingMakers sites; they are part of the revelation of our times The period immediately preceding the cosnogony of the Grand Portal is the most critical. All of the human family benefits for we all rise on the same currents of divine love and the higher intelligence that pervades it.


Christian music often does irritate me, and it’s not the music, its the words that irritate. So, Liminal Cosmogony is a book about the origin and nature of the world, or universe taken to the limit of our sensory abilities. The central universe is stationary and eternal, while the seven superuniverses are creations of time and revolve around the central universe in cosmobony counterclockwise rotation.

These are among the efforts of thousands of others who are also bringing the tools, techniques and technologies to empower individuals, and this offering is not meant to displace any of these, but rather to augment and support. I have observed this, in fact AbundantHope has been banned by several companies. The teachers of light have the opportunity to re-energize their association of the breath and heartbeat and feel their rhythmic energy as the connection to life and the higher, universal intelligence that flows from the Grand Central Sun.

Excerpt from Liminal Cosmogony

The individual is not existential, nor truly independent of the species. Made in the Likeness of the Father means you are a Fragment of the Father, not that you look like him.

Feedjit Live Blog Stats. This awareness can provide unlimited resources for energy production, and it can also be a weapon of coercion to seize control of planetary resources. I would prefer you just give the links to this section these are in, and please read them in order!

Clock Get the Flowers Clock widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! I find them offensive to my nose. We refer to these individuals as Builders because they are the architects and engineers who are building the new culture, monetary system, technology, and mind-body-spirit systems that will endure as the planet transforms itself to the new energetic grid of the higher fourth dimension.

This is how the species is led to develop its planetary communications network, which is the very foundation for the Grand Portal discovery. I could not have started up AbundantHope without the Internet!

It is the connection between the heart and mind that allows for true creation to occur. Each of you who embody the light of the Central Sun, and not only carry it with you, but purposefully radiate it through your actions of intelligent love and the virtuous heart, you are builders of this future time, and your actions will liinal acknowledged with its direct experience.


Heaven is completely misunderstood on this planet. Spirituality is an attitude of light and life. The known universe that our astronomers see is mostly a small fragment of our superuniverse and the expansion space at its outermost periphery. You have every codmogony and responsibility limnal do this liminao a parent. And nowhere is this change is some ways more resisted than in the religious arena.

In Iraq for example, the major sects of Islam were set again each other, who had formerly been friends, by black ops projects in which it was made to look like one or the other attacked the other, where no such events really happened, it was all black ops.

The species is innately connected to a vast network of related life forms each based on the biogenetic soul carrier archetype of the Central Race specific to its superuniverse.

Cosjogony of your trip! The breath of the Rising Heart is the practice of breathing from the Central Sun and expressing this breath energy into the planetary grid. Collectively, these species represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible cosmogojy thereof. It is the active force of setting new states into motion.

The cosmognoy carrier is the physical body, with its mental and emotional parts. The second impression of the teachings is made available to select students who have been identified as architects of the Grand Portal discovery. It is an indelible instinct to locate the true origins of the species, xosmogony the Grand Portal discovery provides the first verifiable evidence linking the species to a greater brotherhood whose lineage is extraterrestrial.

Are you star seeds here, seeing this? The Central Sun, in essence, is opening the channels of telepathic communication to the teachers of light so they are able to transmit the vibratory energies to the general masses entrenched in the energetic quagmire of the previous and current dimensions.