Lightolier CCWHISPLC-X It’s expensive, but it’s probably the best switch of its kind out there. I can’t remember the other manufacturer/brand, but. These include X10 commands as well as INSTEON. I currently use them to operate ceiling fans controlled by Lightolier CCWHISPLC switches. Lightolier┬« Controls provides fan controls to suit the needs of any room decor. Rotary l i g h t o l i e r ┬« c o n t r o l s Fan. Controls CCWHISPLC. -W-I-AL.

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Last Post by wa6pxx November 22nd, Home Help Search Login Register. Lightolier support by lpcalcaterra Started by lpcalcaterra ccwhjsplc, December 13th, Last Post by dschoppe December 27th, This script would need to know the last command.

Rupp, I bought it at worthington for Started by lpcalcaterraSeptember 15th, I’m talking about the “Control” feature of the device command drop down list using hs. Device type for Compose switches by Uncle Michael.

Lightolier dimmers Special Offers: Sports Linkup Shop : Lightolier dimmers Special Offers

You maybe the only user with one in use. Last Post by prsmith February 11th, Last Post by dschoppe September 19th, Does it hum at all? You can program the led intensity.


The switches are definitely expensive. Last Post by dschoppe November 21st, Started by gozland, July 5th, Also you can’t do this for an X10 device without messing up normal X10 processing, so you’d have to set up a virtual device like I am doing.

Compose device value vs status change by dschoppe Started by dschoppeDecember 12th, Let me know if you have any questions when you get it. It seems to work most dependably under interface variable device.


The fan really has only three settings. Started by MadcodgerJuly 4th, Started by AutomatedOutletFebruary 10th, Sales sheets indicate it is hum less on fans. Started by wa6pxx, November 22nd, Last Post by suloundeddilm December 19th, Write Compose plug-in for Lightolier dimmers?

They are expensive but nice. Lightolire control it using a script and one event. Started by shershOctober 8th, Mark This Channel Read.

[How-Do-I] Get Status From a CCWHISPLC (used for fan control)?

But maybe if I can get the control of it to work well. August 1st, New Lightolier PLC fan controller by prsmith Started by lpcalcaterraDecember 13th, The switch isn’t responding to polling however. X10 on Windows is like that. Compose device value vs status change by dschoppe. But this shouldn’t bee too difficult for you to figure out.


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Lightolier Plug-in by AutomatedOutlet. I think the only way to change the dropdown list for a device is using a plug-in, but I will spend some time this weekend researching this because I want to do it for some virtual devices I have set up for something else. Spent some time learning basic scripting. Compose firewall lightolie plug-in question by jjdumas. I have one set up but it is not transmitting status and I was under the impression that they do.