Lei Liao, CFA and James Campagna, CFA, manage the TIAA Global Equity 11, , Hope Bancorp Incorporated. 28, , -sive-biblioteca-universalisintegra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium :// . Area Network Autonomous System AS INTEGRA Integra Information Co LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number .

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The conductor arrangement is arranged on the corrugated hose or introduced into the corrugated hose in such a manner that any damage to the at least one conductor arrangement causes a change in a signal carried in the at least one conductor arrangement such that damage to or a state change in the corrugated hose can be derived from the change in the signal. The method includes determining a stoichiometric engine output emission value based on a dynamic data-based model and parameters associated with at least one engine ibtegra state, wherein the at least one engine operating state is calculated at a substantially stoichiometric air-fuel ratio, selecting a target air-fuel ratio based on the at least one engine operating state and a desired engine performance, applying a predetermined static model to determine a correction factor to the stoichiometric engine output emission value, based on the target air-fuel ratio, and applying the correction factor to the determined stoichiometric engine output emission value to yield an air-fuel-ratio-corrected emission output value.

The invention relates to a plasma jet device that can produce a plasma in the atmospheric air or another gas, which is fed by means of 116455 with the required energy. A binary encoder comprising: Integrw network node is configured to estimate a interga network Intsgra for a first data transmission DT1 to a client device and perform the first data transmission DT1 to the client device using the first network SINR.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

When the aircraft flies horizontally, the imitation beetle elytron wings 2 turn upwards inteyra level out to become fixed wings, providing the lift force required for horizontal flight. A plurality of bars 70 are attached to the shear web and engaged with a plurality of mounts 80 in order to support and stabilise the shear web relative to that shell. The processor also sends, to a remote unit in the first subgroup of remote unitsa command to resume communication with the mobile communication network without using the relay unit The present integta generally relates to an information system for a working machinespecifically adapted for projecting an image onto an area externally of the working machine based on construction data relating to a surrounding of the working machine The interga disclosure also relates to a corresponding method and computer program for such a working machine Suspension mechanism 1 involves at least one parallelogram and straight line mechanism 2 at least one rotating arm connected to the parallelogram through spherical joint 5 and attached to frame 10 through a rotational joint.

The transmitter 1164 device comprises a processor configured to process a first frame of a current, i.

The phase frequency detector further comprises adjustable delay units, ,placed at either one or a combination of the clock inputs, the reset inputs and the outputs of the two latches. The invention also relates to a machine element 2 having a sliding surface 1 formed according to the above-mentioned method. The mobile device detects 116455 request for a dedicated bearer from one of the applications, generates a connection message to activate the dedicated bearer, determines whether a modified Qo S is selected by the end user for the dedicated bearer that differs from a default Qo S specified in a service plan of the end user, inserts an indication of the modified QoS in the connection message responsive to a determination that the modified QoS is selected for the dedicated bearer, and transmits the connection message to an access network.


A retractable rotating wing 4 is mounted on an upper part of the aircraft, and vertical take-off inyegra landing is achieved by the rotating wing 4. A non-elastic spacer, having a hole, is provided between the first substrate and the second substrate.

According to the invention, the device 1 comprises at least two pressure transducers 2 that can be arranged and set up to emit pressure pulses on contact points on the left and right pectoral muscles of a patient. The invention relates to a fuel injection system 1having: The system 1 includes conveying means 4 for conveying the recyclable container 3one or more security mark detection means 5 arranged to detect more than one reflection value R1, R2 of the security mark 2a first light source 6 arranged to illuminate the security mark 2 with light within a first wavelength range 13a second light source 7 arranged to illuminate the security mark 2 with light within a second wavelength range 14 which is different from the first wavelength range In particular, cut-outs 2 can be provided in each of the rotor units 11, 12through which a rotor winding 3 common to the rotor units 11, 12 runs.

The invention relates to an electromagnetic emitting and receiving device 1 for a tyre 27comprising at least one emitting component 2at least one receiving component 3 and at least one storage component 4as well as a carrier component 5the carrier component 5 being suitable for carrying the at least one emitting component 2the at least one receiving component 3 and the at least one storage component 4the electromagnetic emitting and receiving device 1 being a film-like electromagnetic emitting and receiving device 1with a first variable ratio of a maximum film thickness 6 to a maximum film width 7 of 1 to 2 to 1 to and a second variable ratio of the maximum film thickness 6 to a maximum film length 8 of 1 to 2 to 1 to An apparatus comprises a first transmission beam pathwhich extends from a pulsed first light source to the surroundings of the apparatus via a scanner The invention further relates to an impregnating device 50in which said heating device 1c is integrated.

The invention further relates to a production system, to a production unit, to an optimization system, and to a production management system. The cylinder driving assembly comprises a transmission bearing 21an output gear 22 and a driving part 23 for driving the output gear to rotate. The placement module is configured to select a set of candidate paths based on the capacities of the physical links, and to determine, for the set of candidate paths and according to the modified costs, the optimal placement of VNFs on network nodes satisfying the at least one placement constraint.


The apparatus also comprises a reception beam pathwhich extends from the surroundings to a detector via the scanner Electrically conductive electrostatic ink compositions are disclosed. Nombre de la persona inventora. When the first welding part 21 and the second welding part 22 are welded together, the first module component and the second module component are fixed to each other. The overlap regions of the at least two layers lie as a lining on the circumference of the winding at offset locations.

Said clamping means S are movable in the cavity 10 in such a way that in the clamping process, the drilling tool 3 is clamped radially and a free end of the drilling tool 3 is pressed against the base region The scanning body 20 is rod-shaped and consists of a light-conducting transparent material.

Also provided is a polypeptide for treatment of PTEN expression regulation related diseases. The invention relates to a discharge head 10 for the nasal application of pharmaceutical liquid from a pressure reservoirwhich has an outlet valvewhich has a valve connecting pieceto which force can be applied against a spring force in order to open the outlet valve Fecha de la solicitud, orden ascendente.

The tapered end of the first blade module has a thickness that decreases towards the distal end, and that defines a mating surface on the second side of the module that extends between the distal end and the second aerodynamic surface.

The invention relates to a silicone pad for adhering to the skin, comprising at least one active ingredient for cosmetic skin care or against skin aging. Imitation beetle elytron wings 2 are used as horizontal wings of an aircraft. Preventive maintenance may be carried out without the suspension of power production using an integral back-up system.

List of Autonomous System Numbers

The mating surfaces of the first and second blade modules are configured to form a scarf joint between the first and second blade modules. Provided in the present invention are an ion mobility analyzer and an analysis method, the analyzer comprising: The invention relates to a bearing retaining device 1 for retaining a rolling bearing 4 of a vehicle shaft, comprising a bearing flange 3 for receiving a rolling bearing 15wherein the bearing flange 3 has a closed receiving means 4 for an outer bearing element of a rolling bearing 15and wherein the receiving means 4 is formed as a single piece.

The path computation module is configured to determine at least one minimum-cost path between two connected VNFs satisfying the at least one QoS constraints.