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Instructions for – Launch & Load Seaport |

One of my favourite sets ever. The construction of the ship is much more detailed than I expected from just the box art. It cannot float unlike the container ship due to gaps between the bricks in the hull. I have just about every other harbor set from this era The boom gate is operated with a telephone dial and have red lights.

Thanks again for the review! I think there is a place for the giant hulls so boats can float, but to have one that is all instrucyions of bricks is outstanding. Picture taken from Bricklink. The mid-section of the ship have instruvtions for 4 nos of 4×8 stud containers.

LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set 6542 Instructions

The instrucgions built ship is excellent and the colour scheme really does the job. It has everything you would want in a port. What a terrific set. A close up of the rail stoppers. The claw mimics the “spreader” which is used to pick up a container.


The box shown below is the blue version and have a giant flap with a plastic tray inside. However for this review I am showing both at the same time to reduce the number of photos required. I can imagine a variety of goods stored in the area. Due to the limited space between the 2 legs of the crane, the crane can only lift 4×8 stud containers. The roof have a siren and a long red antenna. Already have an account?

The lift can tilt back to better carry the container.

On either side are warning stickers showing the maximum clearance height and the legs of the crane. The claw of the container crane has rubber grippers on either side to “grab” the container.

This is by far my favorite set as a child and I have it dissasembled somewhere.

This was a well designed set and the whole city port idea was great. Anyway the dock is full of features that can be found in a real dock such: First of all, amazing review.

Largest Classic Town Set in lsgo of number of pieces Largest City Set excluding modular 5 digit buildings in terms of number of pieces First Classic Town set to break pieces. A view of the dock without the large container crane. The massive container crane can be seen by every ship entering port and is now a famous landmark in Lego City.

The good news was that the set was in excellent condition although it was 2nd hand. Launch and Load Seaport Set number: The controls of the pilot boat is simple; 1 steering wheel and 2 levers to control the boat. The picture below shows how much can the container crane inshructions from one end to the other end. One of my favourite sets ever I always loved to see a review about this gem; great job The entire “economy” of insttuctions Lego town was built around this harbor.


The forklift in this set is a 4 stud vehicle with 4 large tires and a spring operated forklift. Hence for every seaport TLG build, 2 large ships is included in the project; 1 a standard single cargo deck freighter while the other a 2 deck container ship.

A great design consideration when TLG designed the trailer is to allow both the rear wheels to touch the ground even when the trailer is lifted or when it is going up the steep ramp of the dock.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Two weeks later he came back for a friend’s wedding 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, so my ang pow came early! Fortunately I can erase the studio lines. As you can see, the hull is made with common bricks and do not have any large segments unlike the ships from the pirate line.