The Jungle ((anglès): La jungla) és una novel·la de escrita pel nord- americà periodista i escriptor Upton Sinclair (). Sinclair va escriure la. Title, La Jungla Biblioteca Grandes éxitos. Author, Upton Sinclair. Translated by, Antonio Samons. Publisher, Orbis, ISBN, , Get this from a library! La jungla. [Upton Sinclair; Antonio Samons].

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As the novel progresses, the jobs and means the family use to stay alive slowly lead to their physical and moral decay. The book ends with another socialist rally, which follows some political victories. One night, he wanders into a lecture being given by a socialist orator, where he finds community and purpose.

Congress, House, Committee on Agriculture,pp. Jurgis had expected to support his wife and other relatives, but eventually all—the women, children, and his sick father—seek work to survive.

The Jungle – Wikipedia

This page was sknclair edited on 24 Decemberat A Reply to Mr. Inthe book became a ipton of the Nazi l burnings due to Sinclair’s endorsement of socialism. He finds them staying in a boarding house, where Ona is in labor with her second child. Retrieved January 20, Upton Sinclair intended to expose “the inferno of exploitation [of the typical American factory worker at the turn of the 20th Century]”, [12] but the reading public fixed on food safety as the novel’s most pressing issue.


Upton Sinclair”Social History. The foreword and introduction say that the commercial editions were censored to make their political message acceptable to capitalist publishers.

Roosevelt did not release the Neill—Reynolds Report for publication. Jonas—the other remaining adult male aside from Jurgis—disappears and is never heard from again. Little, Brown,p.

Dona tombs sense nord. An employee at Macmillan wrote. Does it work, and how?

He takes a job at Brown’s slaughterhouse. Jurgis leaves the city and takes up drinking. He is hysterical, unbalanced, and untruthful.

La Jungla – Upton Sinclair – Google Books

Congress, House, Committee on Agriculture,p. Random House,pp. The Jungle is a novel written in by the American journalist and novelist Upton Sinclair — President Theodore Roosevelt had described Sinclair as a “crackpot” because of the writer’s socialist positions.

Three-fourths of the things he said were absolute falsehoods. His administration submitted it directly to Congress on June 4, Jurgis’ father dies as sincliar direct result of the unsafe work conditions in the meatpacking plant. Their oral report to Roosevelt supported much of what Sinclair portrayed in the novel, excepting the mungla of workers falling into rendering vats. This investigation had inspired Sinclair to write the novel, but his efforts to publish the series as a book met with resistance.


The Jungle

Ell i la seva jove esposa lluiten per sobreviure. Sinclair’s account of workers falling into rendering tanks and being ground along with animal parts into “Durham’s Pure Leaf Lard” gripped the public.

Neill and social worker James Bronson Reynolds to go to Chicago to investigate some meat packing facilities. History of the American Left. Then an injury uptoj in Jurgis being fired from the meatpacking plant; he later takes a job at Durham’s fertilizer plant. He is hysterical, unbalanced, and untruthful. Un empleat de Macmillan va escriure:. Editor, Upton Sinclair’s The Junglepp. University of Michigan Press.

Upton SinclairNew York: Sinclair admitted his celebrity arose “not because the public cared anything about the workers, but simply because the public did not want to eat tubercular beef”. Va encarregar al Commissionat de Treball Charles P. Sinclair was considered a muckrakeror journalist who exposed corruption in government and business.