TINJAUAN YURIDIS TERHADAP PELANGGARAN PASAL 36 KONVENSI WINA TENTANG HUBUNGAN KONSULER Studi Terhadap. The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of is an international treaty that defines a Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (); Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (); Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. PERSPEKTIF KONVENSI WINA DAN PERKEMBANGANNYA DI Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular.

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More information and software credits. Article 53 The original of the present Convention, of which the Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish texts are equally authentic, winw be deposited with the Secretary-General of theUnited Nations, who shall send certified copies thereof to all States belonging to any of the four categories mentioned in Article The consular bag shall be neither opened nor detained.

The following is a basic overview of its key provisions.

In the absence of specific agreement as to the size of the mission, the receiving State may require that the size of a mission be kept within limits considered by it to be reasonable sina normal, having regard to circumstances and conditions in the receiving State and to the needs of the particular mission. Consular officers are of two categories, namely career consular officers and honorary consular officers.

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

A diplomatic agent shall enjoy immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving State. Article 29 The person of a diplomatic agent shall be inviolable. Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, Documents. The severance of diplomatic relations shall not ipso facto involve the severance of consular relations. In circumstances similar to those specified in paragraph 1 of this Article, third States shall not hinder the transit through their territory of other members of the consular post or of members of their families forming part of their households.

Pasal 20 Misi dan kepalanya akan mempunyai hak untuk menggunakan bendera dan lambang negara pengirim pada tempat misi, termasuk kediaman kepala misi, dan di atas berarti transportasi.


The kepala konsuler harus disediakan oleh Negara pengirim dengan dokumen, dalam bentuk instrumen komisi atau mirip, terbuat dari untuk setiap janji, sertifikasi kapasitas dan menunjukkan, sebagai aturan umum, nama lengkap, kategori dan kelas, distrik konsuler dan kursi dari konsuler posting. Article 3 Exercise of winna functions Consular functions are exercised by consular posts.

Members of a consular post may be called upon to attend as witnesses in the course of judicial or administrative proceedings. Misi dapat mengirim salah satu anggotanya untuk merebut kantong diplomatik langsung dan bebas dari kapten pesawat. Article 45 Waiver of privileges and immunities 1. The receiving State may reserve the same right with regard to nationals of a third State who are not also nationals of the sending State.

Such inspection shall be carried out in the presence of the consular officer or member of his family concerned.

They shall also enjoy the privileges specified in Article 36, paragraph 1, in respect of articles imported at the time of first installation.

Article 35 The receiving State shall exempt diplomatic agents from all personal services, from all public service of any kind whatsoever, and from military obligations such as those connected with requisitioning, military contributions and billeting.

Vienna Convention on Consular Relations

The immunity of a diplomatic agent from the jurisdiction of the receiving State does not exempt him from the jurisdiction of the sending State. Other members of the consular post who are nationals of or permanently resident in the receiving State and members of their families, as well as members of the families of consular officers referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, shall enjoy facilities, privileges and immunities only in so far as these are granted to them by the receiving State.

Log In Sign Up. Official correspondence means all correspondence relating to the mission and its functions.

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations – Wikipedia

Article 23 Persons declared “non grata” 1. States which have ratified the convention. In that case, the provisions of the present Convention shall apply.

Mereka juga harus menikmati hak yang ditentukan dalam Pasal 36, ayat 1, dalam hal barang impor pada 19663 instalasi pertama. The receiving State shall treat him with due respect and shall take allappropriate steps to prevent any attack on wiina person, freedom or dignity. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat However, discrimination shall not be regarded as taking place: The receiving State shall, in accordance with such laws and regulations as it eina adopt, permit entry of and grant exemption from all customs duties, taxes, and related charges other than charges for storage, cartage and similar services, on: If the head of a consular post is unable to carry out his functions or the position of head of consular post is vacant, an acting head of post may act provisionally as head of the consularpost.


Heads of consular posts shall rank in each class according to the date of the grant of the exequatur. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the receiving State or the authority designated by that Ministry shall wima notified of: Kepala misi dibagi menjadi tiga kelas, yaitu: Privileges and immunities provided in the present Convention shall not be accorded to members of the family of an honorary consular officer or of a consular employee employed at a consular post headed by an honorary consular officer.

The waiver of immunity from jurisdiction for the purposes of civil or administrative proceedings shall qina be deemed to imply the waiver of immunity from the measures of execution resulting from the judicial decision; in respect of such measures, a separate waiver shall be necessary.

For each State ratifying or acceding to the Convention after the deposit of the twenty-second instrument of ratification or accession, the Convention shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after deposit by such State of its instrument of ratification or accession.

Vienna Convention on Consular Relations Documents.