In kihon ippon kumite the basic attacks and counters are practised in a set and rigid way. With jiyu ippon kumite these basic techniques are practised in a more. 38 Tjasa EP, 39 V elementu, 40 V Indijskem oceanu, 41 V Izoli, 42 Zabava. of Kihon ippon kumite. Generated with Arles Image Web Page Creator. Traditional Shotokan Karaté. Eghezée. OK. Homepage · Le Karaté · L’art martial · L’entraînement · Le karaté et les enfants · Les examens · FAQ’s · La fédération.

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Kohon hip position of the kamae is also very important. It also helps to develop Zanshin awarenessMaai distancingand Unsoku movement. Jodan Oi Zuki 4. In Kihon Ippon Kumite the attacking technique and target are predetermined and attacks are launched one at a time.

After finishing the counterattack, the defender maintains the completed position for 2 to 3 seconds.

kumtie You should see all. On the end of this counter attack the defender kimes for a brief second. From this position using a twist of the hips an extremely fast and strong gyaku zuki can be executed. Alternatively you could slide forward again but this time deliver migi gyaku zuki.

Kihon Ippon Kumite – Karate Do

Yoko Geri Kekomi 1. If you assume a left kamae the left hand will be in roughly an uchi uke position, the right hand will be back close to the abdomen. This will also have the effect of lowering body weight therefore lowering the centre of gravity. This is the combining of the basic techniques into pre-arranged forms.


By turning the hips into the half front facing position hanmi it reduces the effective target area of a frontal attack. These assist the Karateka through the different levels in their development from beginner to black belt. Chudan Oi Zuki 2. This has the effect of raising the centre of gravity and making the stance less stable.

Shotokan Kihon Ippon Kumite – Chudan

HIPS The hip position of the kamae is also very important. This is similar in principle to a fighter plane. There are two forms of kumite sparring purely for the training of kihon fundamentalsthese are: TIMING With any of the above types of response be it a simultaneous block and counter as in sen no sen, or a separate block and counter as in go no sen, the timing is of great importance. I will write an article about it in the near future.

This will help to train and develop the muscles used when performing the technique. When attacking the greater importance in the ready position is the ability to read your opponent’s breathing, locate an opportunity to attack then take advantage of it.

It takes a considerable amount of time to twist round before they become effective. As the attacker quietly returns to Yoi, the defender moves in synchronization, inhaling while returning to Yoi and then exhaling while tightening his body. Jodan Oi Zuki 3.

03. Kihon Ippon Kumite

If the plane was built to be stable in flight it would not be as effective because it would take longer to turn because of this stability. For example, your opponent attacks oi zuki jodan.

  G121SN01 V1 PDF

Although the Kamae stance is very manoeuvrable a technique delivered from this stance will lack power oumite it has not been delivered from a solid base. This means when you shift from kamae the width between the feet is increased to around hip width apart, and the length between the feet is also increased. Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

When kumlte does so, it is evident that they do not, nor can, kihhon one for jiyu-kumite nor self-defence. When an attack is launched you respond by launching your attack which should be quicker, therefore beating your opponent to the target. The left hand if extended farther forward will be more effective to block any attack but it is virtually impossible to attack with the left hand with any power unless it moves back first.

Yoko Geri Kekomi 3. The Kamae is a more manouverable stance than zenkutsu kumit. If the hips are square to the front, the whole front of the body is exposed to any attack.

Again after the counter it is important to shift out of range and back into kamae quickly.