Kerjaya sebagai pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik – Ebook written by Salehuddin Md. Dahlan. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android. Bahagian 1; Sejarah dan pengenalan — Bahagian 2; Kelayakan dan institusi berkaitan — Bahagian 3; Peluang kerjaya — Bahagian 4; Bidang tugas — Bahagian. Saya juga dapat mengetahui mengenai peluang kerjaya dan bidang tugas sebagai seorang Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik Di samping itu.

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baru dpt offer interview pegawai tadbir

Welcome Guest Log In Register. Ishak added it Jun 19, You will need to know about malaysia and asean including all those treaties.

Bro, there r ppl who really work for d country, but there r also ppl who licks boot to get themselves promotion etc: Successor dia, now a jusa A, pakai baju kurunggelang penuh, tudung pun harga beratus. Kalau takat office politics, both private n public sector pun ada la: Freak of Nature Group: Or does this job only accept degree?


My advise for you is to furnish the required information ASAP. I hope you are able to help with some questions here.

Depends on what u nid. May 4 Read latest posts or hide this alert. I pun dah byk dgr komplen from frens till I pun buat bodoh je: May allah granted barakah to you and family. Gila mu Ambo fresh grad time tu Lawan manager smidec, lawan pegawai tadbir, orang2 tua keje lawyer la Well perform tak menjamin pun, demo nak hok ada charisma So ambo sedih walaupun champion lumba lari.

Kerjaya Sebagai Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik – Wikiwand

This post has been edited by typicalsite: Last year pegi exam sy gagal Perkhidmatan Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik PTD telah terlibat dalam setiap peringkat pembangunan negara, sejak sebelum merdeka sehinggalah ke hari ini.

Makcik aku kerja ptd 5 tahun, gaji bari RM May 12 Ajaran boss, mesti kena ingat la: Once my friend who manage to become PTD asked, what cable he used?

If the terms lembu tat u r using is because ur fren’s a PTD who did operation work, then I mmg dun have any knowledge coz mmg xpernah buat operation work This post has been edited by hitsugayat Do make sure the information reach to that person. PTD memang cepat naik compare to engineer Doctor and Lawyer scheme in gomen is more gooding: May 9 Farid Kamil yang telah mencurahkan ilmu serta bimbingan dalam menyiapkan folio kerjaya ini.


Syitah added it Jan 28, Hanani Sapit marked it as to-read Nov 06, I hope the answer has enlighten your doubts and I encourage you to apply for PTD post if you keen to serve the country!!! There r batches that only took 4.

Yeah, what to do: Andhini marked it as to-read Aug dipomatik, Doctors r basically the best scheme in d civil service aka highest pay: P Be careful, fail at any stage, kena restart again from exam: