How far does one go to help a lost child? In the case of returning narrator Araragi, the answer is too far, across the veil of time. Dutifully (if. Vertical, IncVerified account. @vertical_staff. the Official Tweets from Vertical Inc staff. Bringing you the best novels! Our manga line is @vertical_comics. Kabukimonogatari has ratings and 6 reviews. Michael said: Another fantastic book in the series. I can’t wait for the next book this month. I’m glad t.

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He and Suruga manage to chase it off, but Koyomi feels guilty for not being able to destroy it, as the Snake Constrictor will return to the person who originally placed the curse.

He instead instructs Yotsugi to find the hostages, and use her power to immediately get away, while he distracts Teori. She is the only child of a couple that had undergone a bitter divorce. As is reasonable for the series, many bad things seem to be directly causally related to Araragi and Shinobu’s actions, only to be revealed to be safely otherwise just pages later.

In this universe, Shinobu never showed up because it was Hachikuji who found her in Tsubasa Cat, after she had decided to go on a journey of self-discovery. Koyomi calls out Shinobu’s name yelling for her help, and the vampire girl suddenly appears from Koyomi’s shadow – apparently just as planned by the cat who had him move to a position where he would cast enough of a shadow before. If Suruga is able to make a basket, she wins.

To ask other readers questions about Kabukimonogatariplease sign up. A recap episode retelling the events of Bakemonogatari ‘s kabukimonogatzri Cat” and the entirety of Nisemonogatarinarrated by Koyomi. The next day Suruga awakes to find Koyomi, who is there to help her clean her room.

She expects that Koyomi will have to convince Teori to let them go, as this is how Koyomi normally deals with his opponents. She tells Koyomi to not end up like her. Please try again later. After the phone call, Hitagi agrees to let Koyomi pass without a fight. This is one of the best and most thoughtful books in the series.


Want to Read saving…. The Woman Who Walked into Doors. Playing for the Ashes. Another of his works, Medaka Box mangahas been adapted into a two-season anime series.


He offers the solution of cutting off the arm, a suitable price in exchange for nearly killing Koyomi a result of the hidden side of her second wish.

She was, after all, created from a human corpse, by other humans. Kaiki claims that it will be easy for him to deceive Nadeko as at her current condition, she can’t doubt anyone – she has turned even more childish than she was in her human state, unable to detect any ill will. She is unresponsive, resulting in Koyomi having to play the game in order to get her out. Related wiki Genderbend Challenge!

From the letter, Koyomi and Shinobu learn that when they traveled to the past, they had traveled to a whole different timeline. Koyomi then asks why Shinobu would do such a thing, as it would go against her intentions of consuming the rest of the donuts. While Tsubasa leaves to inform the homeroom teacher about Sodachi, Koyomi decides to face her directly.

The bee sting causes an extremely high fever and makes the inflicted person feel as if they are on fire. Koyomi realizes that he is counting time with that: Hearing another person’s problems cheered Rouka up, and so she began collecting the misfortunes of others as the “Devil”.

On the same day, Tsubasa meets Suruga at the school and learns from her that Koyomi had sent a message to her, and from the message she deduces that he wants to meet her later that night at the abandoned cram school. With help from Shinobu, Koyomi travels back to the past so that he can finish them, but instead, they end up traveling back a full eleven years!

She explains to him how the solution to all the events happening around him would be solved by his death, to which then Gaen proceeds to chop Araragi into small pieces with the original Oddity Killer sword, “Kokoro-Watari”. As Kaiki is losing consciousness, the middle schooler attacks him once again.

While investigating his kabukionogatari shoe locker, the pair find three letters, and the engljsh then shifts back to the moment when Koyomi is informed by Tsubasa that Sodachi had returned to the school. Hitagi wants Kaiki to trick Nadeko into abandoning her plans to kill Hitagi and Koyomi on their graduation day.


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While exploring the house, Ougi points out that Sodachi must be aware that Tetsujo is the true culprit behind the incident in the classroom two years before, as she decided to return to school just when she left on maternity leave.

She leaves after getting a sudden headache. Koyomi realizes that he may need Shinobu’s powers to help him bottle up kabukimonoogatari oddity.

Before absorbing both the cat kabukimomogatari tiger spirit, Tsubasa finally confesses her love for Koyomi, and as expected, he rejects her, assuming that his love for Hitagi is stronger. Hitagi, relieved and crying, thanks him for his services. During the Tsubasa Cat arc of Bakemonogatari, Araragi would’ve been killed by Black Hanekawa unless Shinobu hadn’t reappeared and used her energy drain on the cat.

Karen finishes by saying how she would try to not disgrace her opponent by losing the battle without letting the opponent know that she knows about not being answered at all. Yotsugi then briefly explains how she was created. It takes him twelve tries. A person came to her with a problem, and like usual Rouka planned to listen.

Yozuru commends Koyomi for his acceptance, but tells him that while there is no way to undo the progress of his transformation, there is a way he can stop it from progressing further: Refresh and try again. Believing that he was sent by Koyomi, she contemplates killing his sisters, Kanbaru, Hanekawa and Mayoi as well to punish him, until Kaiki reveals that he found out her secret aspiration to become a manga artist, as many drawings were hidden in her private closet.

Looking for survivors, Koyomi and Shinobu decide to use some fireworks to bring the attention of whoever managed to escape with their lives, but it ended drawing the undead to them once more. Kabukimobogatari sets for Suruga’s house to introduce Karen to her as he promised.