Joan Hodgson Riviere (28 June – 20 May ) was a British psychoanalyst, who was In she published “Womanliness as a Masquerade” in which she looks at an area of sexual development of intellectual women in particular. Documents Similar To Riviere, Joan. Womanliness as Masquerade, International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 10, , Müller-Braunchweig. Womanliness as a masquerade: Joan Rivière. by Julia Evans on January 1, Published: 1) International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, , Vol 9.

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Contact LacanianWorks welcomes you! Fraudulent femininity covers a wish for masculinity that must be hidden out of a fear of retribution.

Joan Riviere – melanie klein trust

She was afraid of impotence in exactly the same way as a man. Since Riviere was emotionally close to her father, his premature death in riviede so upsetting to her that she spent several periods in nursing homes. Government as guarantor of Practice within Mental Health 44 Practitioners captured by regulators Through her innovative writings and teachings she originated many themes in psychoanalytical thought that continue to be explored today.

Reflecting on the arts A highly cultured woman, Riviere was interested in literature, arts and the theatre. In she published “Jealousy as a Mechanism of Defence” in which jealousy is seen to be a defence against envy aroused by the primal scene. This led to Jones referring her to Freud. In womqnliness words, they are the same thing. By contrast Riviere drawing on Klein ‘puts the emphasis az Jacques Lacan or here.


This was particularly the case as they pertained to the topics of oral sadism, projection, and introjection in infancy.

Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Psychoanalyse. In she published “Womanliness as a Masquerade” in which she looks at an area of sexual development of intellectual women in particular, where femininity is a defensive mask that is put on to hide masculinity. Her father was a solicitor with an important literary background.

A highly cultured woman, Riviere was interested in literature, arts and the theatre. The paper was the first attempt to discuss the growing difference in psychoanalytical theories that were held in London and Vienna. At the Hague conference inshe met Freud for the first time and asked to be analysed by him.

This bisexual woman hides a wish for masculinity behind a mask of womanliness to avert anxiety and the retribution she fears from both men and women. It is the clearest and most beautifully expressed outline of Kleinian theory as it was at that time, lucidly describing the sufferings of infants and children as they struggle with their love and hate for their objects.

This took place in Vienna in Her uncle, Arthur Woollgar Verrall organised meetings of the Society for Psychical Research where she a the work of Sigmund Freud and Ernest Jonesand this stimulated her interest in psychoanalysis.

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A woman identifies as a man, i. Some Lacanian History In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Her ideas are suggestive of femininity existing for the purpose womanlinezs impressing and pleasing men implicitly of course. Meanwhile, her personal analysis with Jones had become difficult and when he reached an impasse, he recommended her to Sigmund Freud for further psychoanalysis.


Womanliness as a masquerade : : Joan Rivière « Lacanian Works

The case from which Riviere develops this argument involves a successful intellectual woman who seeks reassurance from men after her public engagements, most prominently in the form of sexual attentions. To him women were failed men.

She took an interest in divorce reform and the suffragette movement.

In “Jealousy as a Mechanism of Defence”‘impelled by the Kleinian vision, Riviere proceeded to chart highly original ground, linking morbid jealousy to envy of the primal scene some twenty-five years before Klein’. When she returned to London, Riviere became actively involved in the work of the British Psychoanalytical Society.

Her interests were primarily artistic and she was for a time a court dressmaker. She was not happy at the riviers she later attended, Wycombe Abbey. Womnaliness by Juliet Mitchell and Jacqueline Rose. The Archives of the British Psychoanalytical Society have granted us kind permission to reproduce the photo above.