Jivan-mukti-viveka of Swami Vidyaranya has 9 ratings and 2 reviews. Aravind said: I began reading this book after a basic introduction of Advaita from Ka. I have just received notification of the webinars which are being run by Chinmaya International Foundation. These are conducted on-line with. This book is a new translation of Jivanmukti Viveka by Vidyaranya by Swami Harshananda, Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore. This translation is.

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Parama-hamsi is again the seeker of knowledge jijndsii or the accomplished jndniri ; the vdjasaneyinah ordain renunciation even to the seeker.

Thus alone and only exclude this devotion also. Fort – – Asian Philosophy 10 2: The first is, in fact, a preliminary stage of the second.

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Another Smrti also says: Such a one is called Jimnyiukta” Discussion as to the nature kivanmukti Jivanmukti leads to a descrip- tion of the nature of Videhamukti, liberation after death. He who walks not beyond a yojana nearly “five miles whether for begging alms or for answering ” calls of nature is every way lame though with the ” right use of his feet. Those fools who imagine any vivwka ” in this, are led again and again into the wheel jvanmukti ” decay and death.

Yasishtha refers to the method of bringing about the former in the following: The words ‘ last hundred ‘ are used with reference to the tenth and last turning of the rosary which may be doubt- ed through f orgetfulness, etc.

Shanshanwal marked it as to-read Mar 02, This need be no difficulty, for, we do admit the mere automatic survival of gnosis and the necessity of effort to encompass the other two.

He is the ” liberated, great Isvara, who, renouncing all and every- ” thing from off his heart, stands ever free from all “misery and iivanmukti. All these three are found in ‘ the rest,’ i. In the verse from the Bhagvadgita Arjnna in- quires after the characteristics of both jibanmukti conditions by the first and second half of the stanza. I am about to retire from this stage, for this retiring is real immortality.

But all the same, it should not be supposed vivekq such heinous sin would bar his liberation; for, say the KaushitaJtinah: What is it made of? Then are discussed the obstacles in the way of ecstatic-trance, the true condition of the Liberat- ed-in-this-life. Krisna Sukma marked it as to-read Jan 26, He may be in ecstacy or out of it.


Langlo rated it really liked it Mar 28, Bearing as fruit the destruction of holy merit, ” name, and wealth, consuming the whole body, doing “no good either here or in the next world ; if anger “is this evil thing, how should it find place within the “miad of the good! The ‘darkening of all memory’ means the being turned off from the realization of Truth.

Poonam marked it as to-read Mar 23, When a man, in the bonds of ignorance, performs some sacred duty, linking his ego with the act, the conscious Self within takes the form of egoism. Even the taking of the stick is spoken of as mere convention, for, says he, it vlveka not the chief essential of this conditionand therefore not part of the necessary injunctions of the sacred texts. Identification of the physical body with Self has been thus set forth by the Bhdshyakara: The body, the sen- ” ses, the vital breath, mind, intellect, egoism, the ” thinking principle, nay even illusion itself, the ” cosmos beginning with supreme ether, the doer, ” the sufferer, the director of one or other ; the Jivanukti is ” none of these ; it is all pure being, all pure thought, ” all pure bliss, it is in every respect none other than ” Brahman.

Jivan-mukti-viveka of Swami Vidyaranya by Madhava

Religious Studies in Arts and Humanities. Its use as instrument of knowledge is thus set forth in the same place: The reader may be left to gather the sense from the context. Though this word has received a number of different shades of meaning from several writers, old nd new, Vidya- ranya would not understand it without the formal orthodox sense in which the Brdhmanas principally employ it.

Sheetal Patil rated it liked it Nov 06, Fools arguing from the analogy of the senses are often led into the delusion that mind too will be controlled by similar means. Caterina Conio – – Journal of Dharma 8 2: Life of the Lower Self being direct cause of misery makes up the former kind of bondage. That is a definition which defines the Thing in relation to all time whatever ; as the moon is that which is possessed of the best luminosity. Viveja end vivela section treating of renuncia- tion-of-the-seeker.


Being so, this Satva is fit to receive the light of Atman.

The impressions vdsand which ‘ action and enjoyment ‘ create and leave behind as fruitful source of future ‘ action ‘ should IX be neutralised in their effect. The period between the change of breath from sun to moon right to left and vice tersft, known as the Sushumnd is called Sctndhyd, and this, in the caso of a practised ascetic, occurs only thrice in a day.

jivanmukti viveka | Advaita Vision

Loka is of two kinds ; the atmaloka the world of self and the anatmaloka the world of not-self. And fruition such as this may fulfil itself even with the other kind of loose bondage also. The doing away with the mind’s linking itself to actions as the doer is as much impossible of accom- plishment as the doing away with the fluidity of water, or of the heat of fire ; and what is natural is everywhere the same.

History of Western Philosophy. All up to this and what still follows is in explanation of those verses.

The same rule may be followed in the case of this study also. The 36 ” conceiving and undertaking ” may be for one’s own end or for the benefit of others, and it mivanmukti consist of effort to acquire house, land, or property and the like.

Jivan-mukti-viveka of Swami Vidyaranya

The ‘good’ constantly inculcate the Truth, and ever remind their hearers of the same. But three Sandhyds are jivanmuktj spoken of, which leads us to the inner meaning of the word. If you say that necessity being beyond the plane of experience, and the results produced by it being on the plane of experience, it cannot produce these results unless assisted by some means on the plane of experience, and husbandry, etc.