Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning Destined For An Early Grave, the 4th book in the Night Huntress Series, was a nail. Night Huntress Der sanfte Hauch der Finsternis by Jeaniene Frost, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Jeaniene Frost – [Night Huntress 01] – Halfway to the Grave (v).epub Jeaniene Frost – [Night Huntress 04] – Destined for an Early Grave.

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The plot is as amazing as always, and its Cat’s crazy ex that is in the way of their relationship.

Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

There was a slight mystery as Cat has to figure out what Gregori hight to her, even making me question what was right and what was wrong, until the author cleared that muddy picture up quickly when revealing new things about the vampire and Cat’s history. So, was it all that I hoped it would be? I could have told you it was a trap hntress putting you into that panic room.

I even got my best friend hooked on them all too! I had to sneak a peak farther into the book to appease my heartbreak–I don’t like to cheat, but I honestly n This series is fantastic! Can Bones and Cat’s relationship make it past a forgotten husband, or will Gregor tear their love apart? Menecheres is the voice of reason even though he is a manipulative bastard half jeanjene time. The demon takes back his essence from Nathaniel, leaving him mortal once more, and Denise and Spade manage nlght defeat the demon.

The writing style is astounding and fast paced.

A rogue CIA agent is involved in horrifying secret activities that threaten to raise tensions between humans and the undead to dangerous heights. Cat does not trust Bones’ abilities and cunning mind. I had lots of fun reading this; like I said, it was dramatic and heavy, but it didn’t bring me down. I adore Jeaniene Frost!! Bones and Cat relationship suffered a lot of blows and there was some moments real hard to read where I kept thinking: The whole team is still present in this part, view spoiler [ except for Tate and others in Homeland security who just made an appearance, mainly cause she quit.


I so love your books. It really seemed like they weren’t the same characters anymore.

I love all your books,fabulous. He chooses this path partly because he has stopped having visions of the future, except to show darkness coming. It may be silly and pathetic to some, but when you invest such emotionally into a series and turn away because it no longer delivers the goods, it can be earth shattering.

In my opinion, it was even sadder when he left than when we thought he’d died in the last book; and then when it looked like he was whoring it around the streets of New Orleans, I felt Cat’s jealousy right there with her those issues again. Gregor is a ‘dreamsnatcher’–capable of invading her dreams, and wants her to return to him.

Lately, life has been unnaturally calm for vampires Cat Crawfield and her husband Bones. View all 12 comments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fights between them will start, while they distrust each other.

That being said, I was skeptical going into this book because I was hoping and praying that this one would capture my attention. The biggest game changer is that Cat no longer annoyed me.

Destined for an Early Grave

May 16, Katie babs rated it really liked it. Aug 15, Helen 2.

I wanted to shake them hoping it would knock some sense into them! The action sequences were exciting, the villain’s powers intriguing, and every scene with Vlad was great.

I have found a few series that I like and the Sookie Stackhouse is the only other Vampire series that I just adore! Regarding Bones and Cat: As of this moment I do not plan nigbt read anymore of the books following Cat and Bones.


Also, the fact that these events centered Spoilers be jeaniehe in this one. And while things look like they’re settled for now with the bad guys taken care ofsomehow you know that they’re In First Drop of Crimson the book follows Bones’ best friend Spade and Cat’s best friend Denise as she tries to find a way to search for Nathaniel, a long-lost relative of hers.

The plot was a little far fetched, but would not have been too bad if I had not reached the stage where I’m getting bored by the fact that every vamp that meets Cat thinks she is the hottest girl on the planet and simply has to have her no matter what the cost. The story was awesome as ever and I got hooked to it since the first page also as everbut this was the most difficult book to read of the series. Shelve Devil to Pay.

Do you know I saw bloomin’ stars when that cracked over my nog?

Night Huntress Series

Actually he yuntress cope very well, but my god is he hot when he’s jealous haha, my issues are surfacing. Home for the Holidays by Jeaniene Frost. Cat and Bones have battled countless rogue undead together, defeated a malevolent Master vampire hell bent on their destruction, and were married the old fashioned vampire way, with a sacred-until-death blood bond, so they should hhntress enjoying a smooth sailing HEA right?

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