The JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System comes with a meal plan that provides you with recipes and 40 days of nutrition options. The meal plans. JCORE System: The JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System His workout plan includes an extensive but easy to follow nutrition. The system includes (5) dynamic fitness videos: Rev Up, Cardio Core 4×4, Fire Fit, Hard Core & Release, (1) Intro/Fit Test video, day nutritional meal plan.

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It includes a 6-set DVD Series featuring 5 dynamic workout programs that require just you — and, no equipment and little time. Popular Diets 1 18 Shake – 9. During period one, you will be focusing on removing all sugars, processed foods, simple carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and any drinks that contain calories other than JCORE drinks. The success of other JCore customers is poan that this program will get you results in just 40 days.

The available meal plans range in calories from 1, to 2, And I also love that you don’t need much space to do this.

My self esteem has already doubled. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization number to return JCore within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling.

This is how I felt all through my 20’s – cute jeal fit. Those interested in transforming their body in a short amount of time without having to spend a lot of time exercising will love the JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System. Below is a synopsis of the DVDs that are included:. The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult. You are not required to add bread or cheese back in during the remainder of the plan. Publish feedback on my Facebook Feed.

JCORE also offers a proven system of dietary products that delivers the very best in wellness to help complement an active lifestyle.

No matter what calorie requirement or meal plan you are following, each plan is broken out into 10 day p,an over the course of the 40 day plan. This allows you to move seamlessly and efficiently between workouts so that no time or energy is wasted. This targeted super-toning jcorw routine blasts your mid-section from every angle. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to determine which ones are the best for you.


The JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System is a hybrid conditioning and training program that blends incredibly effective cardiovascular, strength, agility and core balance exercises. This unique program has rewritten the standard for weight loss and healthy living. JCore Workout at home with Jay Cardiello. Are you with me? Those that have had success on the program praise the nutrition plan as a road map that will lead you to success if you follow it. Kick your body jcofe high gear with Fire Fit!

JCore supplies an easy to follow rotational calendar that you can hang up anywhere convenient to keep track of your jdore.

Jay Cardiello | Shape Magazine

The workouts are based on the principle of Rapid Muscle Response with 30 second blasts. The only space you will need is four feet by four feet.

For more information go to: Below is a sample day of eating on the 2, calorie per day meal plan during period three.

And the food groups and serving size pages were such a great mmeal for me to start eating healthier. If I ever get the thing maybe I could say it works but for now I understand why mal one has ever heard of this product. Plus, we’re so sure you’ll love this program, we’re giving you our day money-back guarantee. Experience the workout that has built some of the best bodies in Hollywood. The Rapid Muscle Response is also how so many people have been able to see dramatic results in just 40 days and only eight total hours of exercise.

During this period you will be allowed two servings of fruit plxn day. It’s incredible how your body can start to transform in 7 days. Jay is a certified strength and conditioning coach, a certified personal trainer and a certified sports nutritionist. The opinions expressed cjore the review are my own and were not influenced in any way. This workout offers a unique blend of cardio and lean body sculpting that is all about challenging your muscles with targeted strength training from a variety of different angles, using varied tempos.


Fire Fit simultaneously incorporates upper and lower body strengthening through multi-angle muscle moves and plyometrics, which will set your confidence and calorie burn on fire!

Complete Plan

Working with busy stars in trailers and hotel rooms presented Jay the challenge of creating exercise programs suitable for small spaces and limited time, a challenge that led to his current training model. This unique program has rewritten the standard for weight loss and healthy living. I have tried the Vanilla and it is quite tasty. It really eliminates the excuses! It should under no circumstance replace the advice of your primary care provider.

You also get a forty day calander that shows you what dvd you use on what day, and what days you take off. The day meal plan that you choose for your JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation, will not only help you achieve your desired weight loss goals, but will also help you to maintain that weight loss.

The JCORE system uses Rapid Muscle Response training which quickly stimulates your muscles to raise your metabolism and burn fat through a special combination of strengthening and stabilizing movements.

Home Workout DVD With Celeb Trainer Jay Cardiello | Shape Magazine

You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime.

Jay is a fantastic trainer who has a gift when it comes to motivating and encouraging you to achieve your goals. The last period of the meal plan is period four.