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Hi jerv, thanks for your reply. They do not kick you to the stomach on Pink Floyd as the s do, but they are much more sensitive with incredible power reserve and they have a really clean sound. Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the new surrounds you recently installed on the woofers for a Dahlquist DQ6ci pair that I? Saturday, Sunday and all major holidays do NOT count as shipping days.

The amount of time and work saved over doing it the old way, makes it a bargain. I’ve watched few howto about reconing on youtube but on each video the kit they used has the voice coil glued to the cone. Also check the damping material inside the – sometimes the black foam has deteriorated and turned into goo.

Ask all questions before placing an order. I refoamed my 8″ woofers from and the sound is fantastic.

It was, and the result is excellent. This would cause jbll system not to send a signal to the horn. They sounded like monitor speakers, as I have said before, would love to get a pair. I can easily remove 10 screws on front which fix the horn to the box but that’s all. I’ve tried to connect 44770 small coil with Hs and it seems to help a bit. But, I spent a lot of time with SR Sadly, I have no experience with that 7470. This makes the ‘s sound less “raw”, and takes some stress from the These speakers are 43 years old and now good as new again.


If you need overnight or other expedited service please contact us prior to placing your order or choose those options when you checkout. What crossover and amps do you use? Congrads on the new speakers. Hello anders a works pretty good but i think a tractrix horn will be better.

JBL 4755 4770 Sr4732 61435 Factory Part 16 Ohm Horn Driver Diaphragm D16r2445

Even if promoted by eBay, wait until you have committed to all desired items before payment. You might have a blown fuse, bulb, or defective crossover or component. Returned items must be in new saleable condition with all packaging and contents. You jb, Amazon which usually takes longer.

First examination shown that 2 of 4 H have diaphragms damaged in a complete disintegration and two others looks OK, but they do not measure the same and they sound also different, so I will start by replacing 4 diaphragms Thanks for a great product. But my A’s have a passive network inside, and are intended to be used togehter with an Hz active network.

Anyone else who have them? My Cerwin-Vega’s are jbk and running again. We take the time to do it right the first time, every time! Hello i also plan to import some 44770 k2 maybe i can found someone used to 4707 them cheaper. Add Simply Speakers to your Favorites to receive our email newsletters about new items and special promotions.


We will cover the cost of return shipping if warranty claim is valid. Getting the old glue off was the hardest kbl of the job and the most consuming. The horn will be kind of “stuck” because of the gasket, remove the top so you can apply pressure from the back and CAREFULLY work a putty knife under the horn at the front.

Can I change the shipping address for an order that I have already paid for? Below are a couple of photos of our shop in St. Hi Espen, My A’s are exactly as you described yours.

JBL – HiFi-Do McIntosh/JBL/audio-technica/Jeff Rowland/Accuphase

In most cases, no RMA is required, bjl include a copy of the sales receipt with your return along with a brief description of the issue. The video instructions have been unusually helpful, especially the hints to apply adhesive to the back side of the foam before turning it over and attaching it to the cone.

By that time I had found Simply Speakers, read about your glue, and ordered a tube. We only ship to the confirmed address provided to us from eBay or your PayPal account.

We strive to provide the best quality parts at the best prices! Is it more complicated to recone with original JBL parts? But I persevered, and I am a 75 year old woman who loves to listen to organlive from iTunes. Are those your speaker moving gloves?

This is just a note of thanks.