Find great deals on eBay for jbl and jbl Shop with confidence. The SRX dual 12″ two-way system features the combined power of two voice-coil / magnet assemblies and the cone area dual 12″ speakers. The SRX. The ASANW has been designed with JBL’s most rugged transducers. The two ~ mm. (I2 in) low frequency transducers incorporate JBL’s exclusive .

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I still love the sound of the and it seemed almost indestructible, but I hope to NEVER move or stack another one.

ProSoundWeb Community

Applications Long-throw applications Arrays and clusters Front-of-house. If it were a guitar pedal, avoid sticking Velcro on it 47731 mounting to your pedal board until i Thus preventing any possible “rack rash” or scratches. They include the fly hardware shown, It looks to be JBL but there are no markings on the fly bar.

If you can get the SRX for a great price and can biamp them properly, I’d do it.

Pair JBL SR4731A Professional SR Series II Speakers Full Range Loudspeakers

The SRX 12″ two-way compact speaker is the choice for applications where compact size, ease of transport, and speaker stand mounting are the orders of the day. These speakers are in It looks nice and works as nbl should. Its 15″ two-way design produces extended low frequencies in a transportable enclosure. I am the luckiest man in the world because I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world!!


I don’t believe you will find any way to stand mount it. I have a total of 6 speakers. Also, power really isnt an issue because I will have to buy another amp to match what I buy.

This is a chance to own a nice representation of a pair of JBL X cabinets. So yeah, ground ibl is going to be the only option for them.

I sold it for QRX’s. Genuine JBL 1″ compression nbl, outstanding hi-freq. The system boasts extremely wide frequency response and is a great choice as an arrayable, front-of-house reinforcement system.

Please login or register. Applications Front of house High output full range music playback Side fill monitor.

Hefting my pound RSs around the shop I found 2 people can stack them pretty easily if you know the right way. It is in excellent condition. Those weren’t bad sounding speakers, they get really loud. As it was once prophesied “the wrong piece of gear at the right price is still the wrong piece of gear” I wish I could hear some of this stuff but alas I am in an area where this is seldom available. Driver is in good shapeready to go to work.


Additionally, at lbs, I would not choose to be around that stand even if you could mount it. This should have been my company’s slogan: This page was last updated: Has been kept in pristine condition and has a crystal clear sound.

I have been on the hunt for new mains for a 4 piece rock band, typical club scenario from people usually we all have those nights dont we?

What can you tell me about JBL SR Xs?

The SRX Dual 15″ two-way system combines high power and extended low jjbl with the simplicity of a single-box system. In the case of the SRX, they also sound great but don’t need as much power. Its compact footprint won’t crowd you on stage and its sleek, low profile won’t come between the performer and the audience.

The HF doesn’t go all that high but they’re more than decent for portable use. I cant seem to find any information on this speaker other than what JBL specs are etc.

Please look at jb for actual condition Some concerns are size and weight.