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One should expect the output voltage to slew to the Boot value of 1. The new value will be calculated by Equation Limits established by characterization and are not production tested. As load is further reduced, channel switching frequency will drop, providing optimized efficiency at light loading.

Dimension b applies to the metallized terminal and is measured between 0. PMON An analog output. The voltage on NTC pin decreases to a level lower than 1. If the voltage on the NTC pin goes below the 1.

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NTC thermistor will be placed in the hot spot of the board. Current sensing can be done using either DCR sensing or discrete precision resistor sensing.

As all the phases shares the same hysteretic window voltage, it also ensures excellent dynamic current balance between phases. This current dtasheet used during Soft-Start. Connect to ground at microprocessor die. Power Monitor and Thermal Monitor?


The ISLC provides for current to be sensed using resistors in series with the channel inductors as shown in the application circuit of Figure 40 or using the intrinsic series resistance of the inductors as shown in the application circuit of Figure The output voltage is insensitive to a fast slew input voltage change. ISLC reports output power through a power monitor pin.

The reduction in ripple results in fewer components, lower component cost, reduced power dissipation, and smaller implementation area.

If the droop voltage is less than 84mV, for example, 80mV. There is another consideration in order to achieve better time constant match mentioned above.


When asserted low, indicates a reduced load-current condition. And its combined tolerance at a wide temperature range should be calculated. VSEN Remote core voltage sense input. ISEN2 Individual datsaheet sensing for channel 2.


During this interval, the SOFT capacitor is charged with approximately 40? Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning is a smart voltage regulation. An estimate datashwet the value of the resistor is as shown in Equation We recognize that these components form a voltage divider. To see whether the NTC dqtasheet compensated the temperature change of the DCR, the user can apply full load current and wait for the thermal steady state and see how much the output voltage will deviate from the initial voltage reading.


The output voltage of the PMON pin is given by: This is fairly easy and can be accomplished by allowing the system to achieve thermal equilibrium at full load, and then adjusting Rdrp2 to obtain the desired Droop value. When the temperature goes down, the NTC thermistor voltage will eventually go up. The switching frequency can increase during the application of a datazheet to improve transient performance. The output voltage could also take a long period of time to settle to its final value.

A capacitor is added in parallel with RL in order to improve the stability margin of the channel current balance loop. At light load conditions, the ISLC is switching at a frequency proportional to load current similar to hysteretic mode controller.

It is desirable to choose a small RC filter resistor in order to reduce the resistor divider effect. This ratio provides for a fairly reasonable amount of light load signal from which to arrive at droop. When using inductor DCR current sensing, a single NTC element is used to compensate the positive temperature coefficient of the copper winding thus sustaining the load-line accuracy with reduced cost.