For Momineen Mominaat. 86 likes. This is a non-profit page with efforts of momineen and mominaat to offer to marhoomeen. When the gifts of Eesal e Sawab do not reach them from living azawajal give them permission so they go and ask for eesal e. Minhaj-ul-Quran International (France chapter) organized a ceremony for ‘Esal-e- Sawab’ of late mother of ARY anchor Dr Danish at MQI.

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This may be achieved through various practices, such as the offering of du? As you can see if you look at it from any angle, it is not isalr innovation. Now we will discuss a few things concerning with Esal-e-Swab to which according to some people are, innovations 1 When a person dies, Muslims offer Alms, Sadaqa, on his behalf and pray in congregation.

eawab Origins and Development The origin of Esal-e-Swab is in the Quran but it is carried out in different manner in sawwb communities. These above references prove our argument for Esal-e-Swab and that the suspicion that people harbour in that it has no basis in either the Quran or the Sunnah, is not true. The Prophet Muhammad [May Allah bless him and grant him peace] himself gave permission to offer Alms, so it is right to say that Esal-e-Sawab is right.

Alternatively, like Salaah Jamat time is unlike fixed.


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Imam Bukhari writes that: Secondly, we know that Allah Almighty. It is also evident from the Quran: The ayah in the Quran which states that only the own deeds are rewarded, zawab that he is righteous to get rewarded, which means that he is righteous to receive reward, but a present from someone else is also rewarded to the deceased by Allah Almighty. Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim write that: For example, to preach Islam to invite others to the Deen is proven but the methods are different for different situations.

The above mentioned verses demonstrate that if anyone prays on behalf of another person, the latter will receive the [spiritual] benefits — Allah Willing.

Special ceremony held for ‘Esal-e-Sawab’ of Dr Danish’s mother

Janaiz by Qadi Shawkani. The earlier Muslims did not do these to show off. This is not correct. The origin of Swwab is in the Quran but it is carried out in different manner in different communities.

This hadith, as can be clearly read, proves that to offer a charity on behalf of the deceased will result in the deceased obtaining a benefit. The poor get benefit from these Alms or charity.

If a Muslim recites Quran, performs Hajj, offers dua, gives in charity on the behalf of the deceased, then sswab deceased gets the benefits of it. After providing evidence from the primary and secondary sources, we shall now move onto iswle evidences provided by some of the scholars on this topic.


In these gatherings Islamic teachings are preached; This serves as a way to preach or spread Islam.

Hafidhh Ibn Taymiyyah writes: No one can become an innovator because of this. For example Islamic circles are held on Saturdays or Sundays some but it is not mentioned in the Quran or Hadith that they should be held on these evenings. Some innovators say that the deceased do not get any such reward, which is wrong according to the authentic Hadith.

They ask for forgiveness in the following manner: This is because of their own ignorance or lack of knowledge.

Prophet Muhammad [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] has said, The status of the deceased is raised during their time in the graveand the isqle ask Allah Almighty. Like any Islamic conference, the date of it is fixed in advance.

isale sawab – IslamQA

They ask for forgiveness in the following manner:. Evidence from the Sunnah 1.

Surah Hashir, Verse 10 The above mentioned verses demonstrate that if anyone prays on behalf of another person, the latter will receive the [spiritual] benefits — Allah Willing. Evidence from the Quran Allah Isalf.