Interferometria Holografica Digital – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Esta basado en el estudio sobre la Interferometria Holografica. Gesualdi, M.R.R. () Técnicas de Interferometria Holográfica Usando Cristais Fotorrefrativos da Família das Silenitas Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto. Meaning of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms Técnicas de interferometria holográfica usando cristais O objetivo .

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Holography follows a different principle from conventional photography. The effects of class II elastic force on a dry skull measured by holographic interferometry.

INTERFEROMETRIA – Definition and synonyms of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary

The following equations 16using data of Figure 3were used for quantitative measurement of displacement. Effects of headgear traction on the facial skeleton of the monkey: In addition, there was an approximate two-fold difference between the fresh-fixed and fresh-macerated states. The reconstructed image of the hologram contains most of the information of the object. All components were secured on an optical table buffered by compressed air Newport in order to avoid vibrations. Effect of different prosthetic restorative materials on occlusal load distribution.

Strength of biological materials. Med Eng Phys ; This set was fastened to the holovrafica by means of a clip-together system enabling the correct repositioning during the experiment Fig.

The mandibles of 6 dogs Canis familiars aged approximately 4 years and weighing 12 kg were used. Given that the process of maceration leads to bone drying and loss of fibrous connective tissue, a question remains as to whether the results obtained with macerated skulls could be itnerferometria to the in vivo situation.

J Osaka Dent Univ ; Fresh hemi-mandibles were thus seen to transmit less tension than the corresponding fixed and macerated samples.


An average two-fold tension increment was observed in the experimental conditions. Despite some limitations of the use of macerated anatomical specimens as an experimental model for certain studies, holographic interferometry is an efficient method for measuring minute displacements and for analyzing tension distribution.

When activated, the laser illuminated the surface of the tension-free hemi-mandible and was reflected object beamreaching the holographic film. The film was developed and fixed. Qualitative evaluation is achieved by observing the aspect and direction of the fringes 8. Services on Demand Journal. At the same time, beams from the same laser source hit the mirror.

This study compared the transmission of tensions in fresh, fixed and macerated dog mandibles in order to clarify the diversity of behavior of bone tissues under dry and moist conditions. The hypothesis was that the use of macerated bone like a model to study the stress distribution by means of holographic method could produce different results in comparison to fresh bone specimens.

Holographic interferometry method for assessment of static load stress distribution in dog mandible

Dry skulls are thus used as experimental models because, although they do not present cartilage and fibrous tissues, at least the trabeculae and other anatomic features are the same as those found in vivo. The importance of humidity in the in vitro study hollografica the cranium with regard to initial bone displacement after force application. Quantification of holographic fringe data: Braz Dent J ; In the fixed and macerated specimens, the direction of fringes remained unchanged; 3 Spacing between the fringes was smaller near the point of load application and increased progressively along the mandible towards the fixed extremity; 4 The pattern of fringes was also different in direction; in fixed and macerated specimens the fringes showed greater inclination than in fresh hemi-mandibles, meaning that they underwent torsion.

  ASTM F1346 PDF

Adachi I ; Jose E. The hemi-mandibles were placed in such a way that load incidence would be at the incisal edge of the canine, simulating occlusion with the opposing tooth. Qualitative analysis of stress distribution in tooth-implant and implant-supported prosthesis by means of holographic interferometry method.

The reflected beam reference beam interacted with the object beam to produce a hologram on the film. In the present study, the macerated specimens interfrometria a larger number of fringes, with smaller spacing between them. Additionally, there is total 1: Hologrxfica laser beam had an output power of 30 mW and nm wavelength.

The holographic images showed that: Chorres I ; Antonio C. A shutter with electronic exposure control was used to control exposure time for the holographic plate. Holography also allows tension distribution analysis along all the sample extension. Hologrfica difference in phase between a reference ray and the object ray to be analyzed produces an interference pattern that is recorded on a high-resolution photographic plate hologram.

In fact, stress transmission in the experimental conditions was twice as large as in the control group.

Meaning of “interferometria” in the Portuguese dictionary

Two-dimensional photoelastic stress analysis of traumatized incisor. This method allows the detection of minute movements of the order of nanometers, as well as overall qualitative and quantitative visualization of the trajectory of the tensions generated upon load application. The laser was emitted continually by a direct current power supply.