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First let me say that I took no account to the fact that Amelia Atwater-Rhodes was only thirteen when she wrote this book until after reading it.

In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes | : Books

Not all the sentences are simplistic but i kinda felt like i was reading a see spot run book. And after dominating Aubrey and closing the chapter in her life of hiding in his shadow, she immediately has to face her brother.

Jan 28 1 10 Jan 17, LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Maybe it was because it was written in 1st person present tense which isnt a format i really like.

While it is not a very novel story and not very involved, it is well told. So far this book is switching between the present, and Wikiped The main reason of picking up this book was that it is written by a 13 year old. I did not know then forewts she had been raised to speak a langu A short sweet novelette on the vampires and their grandiosity. Credit for being marginally atwater-rhldes than her second novel.

However, an outside look and you can see that it’s hinted Aubrey may have had a crush on her hundreds of years ago.

I read this book in a matter of hours – two or three to be precise. Then she starts to flash back to when she was alive, years ago. After this she only mentioned one other time in the book, apparently she was looking for Risika and had sent Aubrey to retrieve her but Risika refused to see her. The characters have no life in them and you are left wondering why it was published and why you wasted your time reading it.


I couldn’t put it down, but I had to go to sleep.

In the Forests of the Night

In the Forest of the Night”. In the present Risika discovers that her archenemy, a darkly handsome Eeevil vampire named Aubrey who is evil, I’m guessing, simply because he can beis near and begins causing her great distress. Rachel and her twin brother are close and live happily with their father, step-mother and younger sister. Want to Read saving…. It tells the story of a three-hundred-year-old vampire named Risika and her struggles throughout her life, both before and after she was transformed.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Well, she did change in the years or been a vampire. She knows when and when not to do things. People say he treats all life as a game that must be played—a cruel and deadly anelia in which whoever is winning makes the rules. tge

They seem very distant, and too much like strangers that you want to know, but have to means to interact with. She doesn’t take anyone’s shit, especially Aubrey’s.

Forever is too long to live in fear. I feel bad giving this book a low rating because I try to be nice to writer’s, as I am one, and in the author’s defense she was extremely young when she wrote this.

But she didn’t, she did the opposite, she was mad at him and basicly told him to bug off. Changing her life as she begins to taunt Aubrey read for the fight that has been brewing for years.


Mar 07, Emily rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: With one drop of blood Rachel has unknowingly condemned herself to a fate she did not even know existed. The protagonist and story teller of the novel. And strength and eternity… c Q: I didn’t really have high expectations but still I expected it to be better than usual YA stuff still it is written by a young girl and they are the figure of creativity.

Views Read Edit View history. Open Preview See a Problem? Tis a great story for the fans of older vamp legends, but who’re still lenient enough to enjoy a new spin on something old.

In the Forests of the Night

But tye book over all was awesome. These can be used to aid their hunting and existence. Risika has a close bond with the tiger and cares about her deeply. Inhe was sent as a deliverer of the black rose to Rachel. But rather than launch into the dissection, I’d rather point out that the book was published when Atwater-Rhodes was 13 years old, and for a vampire novel amekia by a 13 year old, it’s pretty damn good, or at the very least, peppered with a rather lot of small endearments.

Risika and Aubrey are of the same lineage, and their line ame,ia known for their mental abilities. One of my friends suggested this book to me, and being a paranormal addict I was curious to check out one of her favorite series. They say that vampires live forever, but how long is forever?