This is the official wiki for The Homestuck Tabletop RPG!. I’m going to go my own path, and try to design a SBURB tabletop RPG in my own way. perhaps check out r/rpgstuck. they converted dnd 5e into a homestuck. The Homestuck RPG is a fan-made tabletop roleplaying game designed by Zeltaen. The goal of this project is to create an RPG that can capture the.

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Start playing it today! Secondly, there could be issues rph modelling the development of the powers associated with each role, since players appear to become more powerful the more they act according to their role. They would have to begin with a rough idea of their character’s issues such as a hero complex or alcoholism, for instance and how they could overcome them as they progress, but I think it could be an interesting way of exploring homesyuck part of the setting.

It’s quite simple, by the way. Much, if not all, of the ‘chaotic feeling’ actually comes from the story itself, but not the mechanics.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Considering the availability of both humans and trolls to players, this is far from unheard of. It was pretty fun back when I did it. Please login or register.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Each of these special rulesets comes with their own deck of cards, one card from which is played every turn the decks are in play.

Humans and highblooded trolls are terrible at psionics, but have increased stats to make up for it. Most sessions involve between four to twelve hoomestuck, with only a few exceptions. Doesn’t actually start as one. And with mechanized creepiness. And sometimes very effectively. The main comic has something like 24 “PCs”, as a general rough blanket statement.


Homestuck RPG

I wonder if there’s a 13th Age hack too at this point. Again, except all in one document, and better! The huge Classpect threads on the MSPA forums are testament to the possible interpretations, and a lot of game time could be taken up with discussing what a Sylph does and whether inversion is a thing. Sylladex cards Rather than jomestuck a list upon a page, sylladex cards will instead be made on their own separate cards, either a printed out version or the minimalist flashcard cut in half along the wider side.

Sentinel is the Tank of the Pillars, having HP-related pillar features.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Each class and aspect comes with certain cards, which are shuffled together into a player’s deck. There can be up to twelve players in a single session, and each one starts the game alone before they might eventually group up. With Dual Wieldno less. Any session that includes both humans and trolls will typically need to experience this at some point.

This topic This board Entire forum Google News: My solution would be to either have everyone come up with a group interpretation before character creation, or to use a single source’s understanding exclusively, such as by assuming that the Sburb Glitch FAQ or BladekindEyewear’s analysis is correct.

This means you should take drastic measures to avoid rolling for anything that’s boring or inconsequential. Too many to reasonably list. But they will be. I’m not worried about making money with this since it is going to be based off of another work, homestuck. By the time the alternate sessions become relevant, they’d hopefully have enough practice at playing multiple characters sensibly to cope with the doubling of the cast.

All times are GMT Figure out what you’re trying to do with the game.

Last edited by JetpackJimmy; at I just find sanity a rather dull affair. First, the game master simply chooses the god tiers for the characters. Thread title currently says it all. System choice is still a question, and it can be fun to include characters from multiple planets in a more limited capacity. Please keep spoilers out of the title when you post.


Anyway, the game is going to be a pen and paper RPG. What Pumpkin — twitter.

Homestuck Pen and Paper RPG

Eventually this reaches a tahletop of being able to perpetually throw massive attacks tagletop completely blow martial fighters out of the water. Inverted as opposed to first edition.

Since aspects are loosely defined, and the class even less so except the ones who’s powers have been specifically stated in comic making sure each player has a lot of freedom with their ‘builds’ is something to make note of. Usually psychic, though up to the DM’s wishes. This is the purpose of Day 0, most of the time. Dexterity, for martial characters. The current ruleset can be found herewhile the old ruleset can be found here.

Bauglir Bay Watcher Let us make Good. One dagger, or two? If you are at all interested in helping out, please come and do so!

You could either come up with the actions associated with each class and aspect, and assign a bonus when they’re acting in such a manner perhaps even keeping the requirements and bonuses secret to prevent metagaming? Special powers can be used by playing various cards, some of which are modular allowing or requiring you to play them with tablstop cards at the same tabletpo.