Henri Tracol. Becoming Whole: Education and Ecstasy. Seven Principles of Contemplative EducationIn what way do we cultivate the intelligence of the mind, the. It would be fitting to say of Henri Tracol, a pupil of G. I. Gurdjieff, that all through his life he called many sides of himself into action toward the harmonious . Results 1 – 12 Gurdjieff, G.I.; Henri Tracol; Adin Steinsaltz; Roger LipseyJanwillem van de Gurdjieff; Henri Tracol; Michel de Salzmann; James Moore, et al.

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It goes like this: The Preface, anything but perfunctory, was tradol by Sy along with three other compilers: The photographs of the man that are reproduced in the literature of the Work are head-and-shoulder shots and give no indication of his height and weight. To do otherwise takes effort. It is a conscientious introduction to the Work. A note on the copyright page answers that question.

They have always been there. He made the acquaintance with Gurdjieff in and became an ardent follower of his teaching, associating with him for ten years. In his free time he devoted himself to an early love, sculpture.

I think it is very striking for everybody. In short, I have always felt that the Frenchman was well and intriguingly named. I am afraid I would tire the reader of this review if I carried on in this fashion.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The photographs of the man that are reproduced in the literature of the Work are head-and-shoulder shots and give no indication of his height and weight. To read a little is to gain a lot. If Tracol has found an ideal man, it is the person of Benri.

Henri Tracol

Attention Creates the Power of Relation I am here now. Essays and Talks by a Pupil of G.

Tagged with “”The Masters Speak: Second, he was a co-founder of the Gurdjieff Institute of Florida. He sold articles and news photographs to popular magazines like Vu. Lannes, Madame Lannes, the leader of the Work in England. He has been a busy man, and the above activities do not take into account his work in the domain of the Work itself.

So at times I try a little bit to open myself to try to see the necessity for opening myself to it—I myself, by my own experience: Gurdjieff’s teaching, research, books, conferences.

The Real Question Remains: I have a confession to make about a silly little habit that I have. The title is based on the line from Psalm The Egyptians ardently wanted to be one step ahead of the game, one step ahead of the scandal of death, even after the usual warranty for wear and tear had expired. Displays the hard work of a man to look sharp and bright, which above all is required to unravel and shred the apparent until closer to what lies behind, what is vital, always with humility, without ever conclusively boast about their discoveries.


Why do you sleep? They attract one another mutually in this movement of unending renewal through which the life of culture perpetuates itself. The John Robert Colombo Page.

SOME THOUGHTS ON HENRI TRACOL | Gurdjieff’s teaching: for scholars and practitioners

Why do you sleep, Lord? Name six contemporary writers who are especially meaningful to you. Could these words be meaningful in nenri circumstances. They came to Canada when they were very henei, about twelve or thirteen. Tracol distances himself from authorship. The book concludes with Notes five pages of sources and notations. I opened my mouth and swallowed the steaming hot soup! Like so many other free-thinking journalists in the s, he filed field-reports from Spain.

I have copies of a few of these publications in my study.