Hank Wesselman has 12 books on Goodreads with ratings. Hank Wesselman’s most popular book is Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future. The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journeys for the Modern Mystic With permission from the great Kahuna elder, Hale Makua, Hank Wesselman, Ph.D, shares. In the third remarkable book in the Spiritwalker trilogy, Dr. Hank Wesselman reveals what it means to be a scientist, a mystic, and a medicine man in an age of .

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I feel like I learned a lot. Several synchronicities happened to me while reading this book. If this is fact or fiction, either way, this was an enjoyable read.

Jul 29, Gaile rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author is an academic and a scientist, who rather spontaneously ends up having shamanic experiences, of visiting into the future through spirit travel.

What did the anthropologist have to learn about his own world from this exotic traveler from another time and place? Nature of Self and Reality Spiritwalker: The Bowl of Light: Others With a Similar Name.

Hank Wesselman – Wikipedia

But this is apparently a matter beyond the range of this book. Our Earth, Gaia, our sun, Ra, and the other planets in our solar system, together with us ourselves, are expected to ascend on 21st December, wdsselman Wesselman met shape-shifting entities, spirit helpers, and guardians, and found himself traversing a mental, physical, and spiritual landscape on a path intersecting that of a fellow traveler, a Hawai’ian kahuna mystic named Nainoa.


The author has two young children at the time of the described experiences. Wesselman had mental contact with a person from our far distant future.

Books by Hank Wesselman (Author of Spiritwalker)

Mystic Encounters on the Shaman’s Path. This page was last edited on 13 Mayat A small part of the story is his speculations about what has happened to bring about this future, in which the phenomenon of global warming plays a large part. Wesselnan you don’t believe, or at least have an open mind to these ideas, you w This book was a fun read, but the question of authenticity will be up to the reader.

I would have rated it at a five if it weren’t for the way the adventure tale style of recounting the journeys rubbed me wrong. His style of writing is so clear and detailed that it seemed I was on the journey with him!

Wesselman is a native New Yorker who received his undergraduate degree in zoology from the University of Colorado at Boulderand his doctorate in anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley.

Nature of Self and Reality Spiritwalker: Shamanic Cosmology Visionseeker IV: I wanted to see what was going to happen next, in the book, and in the world!! He was living in Hawaii at the sipritwalker of the first experience, so started poking into Hawaiian shamanism to try to understand what is happening to him, while also wrestling with the scientist and skeptic within himself.


Dec 22, Hano rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I don’t get all the five star ratings. Possibly also interesting for those interested in reincarnation.

This book was so, so interesting that I had a hard time putting it down! Together with his wife Jill Kuykendall, Wesselman leads shamanic training workshops for the Omega Institute and other, similar institutions.

Hank Wesselman

Messages from the Future. There is something inexplicably mystical and otherworldly about Hawaii which managed to reach in and touch even my skeptical agnostic soul. A time when our civilization was destroyed Nainoa makes similar joruneys into Wesselman’s body, experiencing various episodes in the latter’s life.

Shamanic Cosmology Visionseeker IV: The Meaning of Aloha— Greetings to all of you … Distinguished members of the United Nations, and my fellow indigenous peoples in the community of man—aloha. Explore Shamanism weseelman a Workshop Join us for a Visionseeker retreat to explore the shamanic method, delve into your inner world and start an inner quest