PDF | The programme of research known as the excellence theory began in the s with J. Grunig’s research on publics found among Colombian farmers. A comprehensive look at modern public relations theory. Grunig’s Excellence Theory had dominated public relations academy for the past first century views on Excellence Theory in relation to two-way symmetrical.

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The Public Relations Excellence Theory of Grunig, Grunig, and Dozier: A bibliography.

In experiences in which you did not work at the strategic management level, did yheory feel that your work in public relations was held back in any ways? It is possible if the outside consultant has access to excellehce dominant coalitions making decisions in an organization on a day-to-day basis, has the capability of conducting research, and devotes most of his or her time to the organization.

When we describe the potential scenarios that can arise as a result of a decision made by an organization, we are creating meaning for the leaders of an organization through the use of storytelling and sociodrama in the form of a conversation or written memo.

You know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks. Public relations metrics pp. Through the use of scenario building, an ethical PR practitioner could have warned the leadership at Bayer about excelpence ramifications of trying to hide a potentially fatal flaw in a product.

Excellence theory in public relations: We did a billboard promoting a text number and got over the period of a month, people.

By actively inviting participation, the theody is not only promoting engaged relationships but is also able to use the site as a cost-effective source of research data. Throughout our final book reporting the results of both the quantitative and qualitative research, we provided numerous examples of how different organizations exemplified each of the Excellence principles.

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What kind of research do you conduct in scanning your various stakeholders?

James Grunig: Excellence Theory | A comprehensive look at modern public relations theory

I think that the communications theoty in government is a great example of that, if in fact the person has the ability to function on that level. For example, in the Excellence study theor were able to assign numerical scores to every organization that we grunnig and then we conducted qualitative interviews with 25 of the most excellent and least excellent organizations.

Cameron and his colleagues developed the contingency theory of accommodation ,which represent the stance movement of an organization toward a given public at a given time and in a given situation [14] and suggests that the true excellence in public relations may result from picking the appropriate point along the continuum that best fits the current need of the organization and its publics.

Rather than simply counting the number of media hits achieved per year on behalf of an organization, PR practitioners should highlight the cost savings involved in gaining this kind of free visibility as a result of strong relationships with members of the media.

Or do you believe that professionals should strictly use the symmetrical model of communication? The difference is pretty amazing. Conceptualizing quantitative research in public relations. Many scholars have questioned the possibility of the two-way symmetrical grknig in real-life context.

In what specific ways do they demonstrate it in their work?

Excellence theory – Wikipedia

At the same time, while this presents a clearer way of expressing ROI related to media relations, it still does not highlight the important work done by PR professionals as related to strengthening and cultivating organization-public relationships. That will take education and time.

Ineffective organizations cannot achieve their goals, at least in part, because their publics do not theroy and typically oppose management efforts to achieve what publics consider illegitimate goals.

It certainly requires study of strategic public relations theory. Numerous ideas that originated with Starbucks customers on the website have been launched, from recycled Starbucks cards to eco-friendly cup sleeves. In the corporate setting, edcellence company or companies do you view as effectively and successfully incorporating the Excellence Theory in the practical setting?


If a construction company owner is to grunjg with a nonprofit organization, they could volunteer labor and materials to complete needed onsite work, saving the nonprofit thousands of dollars. Peters and Waterman, for example, named several companies that they believed were excellent in their book, In Search of Excellence.

Starbucks was among the first large organizations to take social media to an innovative level by using it to actively conduct research and generate public feedback. I cannot really name any companies that best fulfill the Excellence principles without having done any research on the grunif.

There is still direct access to the CEO or the decision-maker. This is why it is so critical that scenario building occur at the strategic management level, because this activity will directly influence the key decisions made within an organization.

I chose to devote more time to these two topics because many of the other components of this theory circle back to these overarching themes. You are described as stating that persuasion involves communication without concern for publics. A PR practitioner using this tool can give management a big picture look at what their decisions mean to multiple stakeholders and the long-term success of the business. The value of public relations clearly lies in the great benefit that strong relationships can give to a company in a variety of both tangible and intangible ways.