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Read Ender in Exile after you’ve finished both series if you’re interested in knowing what Ender was doing between the end of Game and beginning of Speaker.

To Master I take it you are being sarcastic with …more Gina I think you took Master’s question too seriously and missed the word “bigoted” in the question. I read this book directly after Ender’s Game as suggested and regretted it enderw. Load 5 more questions.

Books by Roch Siemianowski (Author of Gra Endera)

And what books is this one like “The 5th Wave”? How many emotions you can feel at emdera and how fast a human relationship can change. As then you will know the end fate of all of the characters in Shadow Saga. I don’t know why people accuse this book of the things they do actually I do.

Books by Roch Siemianowski

Does anyone have a recommendation for another good science-fiction series? See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Is this endsra book that finishes in a cliffhanger which forces you to read the second book in the series? It showed the complexities of the human mind.


Should I even be here? Shadow of the Giant 5. Speaker for the Dead 3. Sierra Faith It does not: Ask and answer questions about books!

Gra Endera — Reader Q&A

Zchantie I know this is an old question, but I wanted to add to it since I read the books in an order that I regretted. If anything there is a strong pacifist message that you would think would be the opposite of most conservative’s mentalities. I only enderw Ender’s Game available in my local library but don’t want to read it if I would have to get another book to finish the story. To Master I take it you are being sarcastic with your question but I will bite anyways.

This series confuses me I read this book for my Book of the unit at school and it was very good. The main character has a very strong relationship with his sister.

Yes, Card is a conservative and he’s admittedly a homophobe as well but neither of those things come through in this book. You have to look pretty hard to find anything “bigoted” in the book and the themes in Ender’s Game have nothing to do with any sort of bigot revolution or anything. This is a review I just don’t know how to make a review lol.

If you’re trying to get into some good old fashion bigoted science fiction writing is this a good book?

Children of the Mind The parallel series that follows the edera Bean who appears in the first Ender’s Game book and then gets his own series known as the “Shadow Saga” 1. So you have the first Series: If you are looking for a book that is a good nice little read this is perfect.


I’m a huge fan of the Ender’s Game books. Within this book is also an important part of Bean’s story. Debbie Guzzi I agree with David this endsra can easily be read by teens.

Can anyone help me out and clear somethings up?

Is this a good book? Shadow of the Hedgemon 3.

No spoilers, please, but does this end on a cliffhanger? To ask other readers questions about Gra Enderaplease sign up.

The author is though, presenting highly moral dilemmas [genetic manipulation-birth control-genocide-what it means to be human]even if it is not clear he is doing that until you have read a half dozen of his books. The author is though, presenting highly moral dilemmas [genetic manipulation-birth …more I agree with David this book can easily be read by teens.

It brought a lot of interesting points about the brilliant ender. Brian Beasley Gina I think you took Master’s question too seriously and missed the word “bigoted” in the question.