From author Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune series, comes this classic science fiction of THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT Beyond the God Wall Generations of a. Editorial Reviews. Review. For Dune. “A portrayal of an alien society more complete and The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) by [Herbert, Frank]. Bedog by Frank Herbert: A sentient creature designed to be a bed. (Text quote, book citation included.).

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Herbert’s grasp of the ideas he wants to discuss is unrivaled in science fiction but the way he translates them to the plot is less so. She introduced a subtle flaw in the computer system governing food distribution, which eliminated her own position as “Senior Liaitor” or Liator along with the jobs of 49 other human beings. McKie is an agent for the Bureau of Sabotage, a shady organization whose mission is to keep laws in check in the ConSentiency a pan-galactic, multi-species government.

Pure philosophical science fiction. This consciousness does not want to be “awakened. I was looking for a resurrection of Sha’i Hulud. These novels are both conceived in Herbert’s best style, rich with themes looping off in seemingly irrelevant but ultimately meaningful directions.

Turns out there are shenanigans within shenanigans involving body swapping, ego-sex limbos, and cruel love. He reminds me of Hubbard in that respect. They call it “nodal involvement”.

The ultimate Pan Spechi crime is to be surgically ego-frozen to keep consciousness from passing to another member of the group. The idea, that of a social and biological experiment conducted on an epic, planetary scale, is similar in tone, if not style, to Philip K. I was tempted to give this three stars for a convoluted plot and being difficult to get into the first pages or so, thr I can say that I loved the world-building and the weirdness of it all.


The lack of character development, the constantly changing viewpoints and the cognitive leaps that characterize the novel keep it from being a great work. The Gowachin combined such an odd mixture of respect and disrespect for their law and all government.

It was a nice touch, I felt.

The Dosadi Experiment

Even McKie, with all his training, appears slow and dull to them when he arrives. Since BuSab’s job is to keep the chaos roiling, Hetbert is sent in to investigate.

Jedrik is the leader of the resistance on the planet Dosadi. Both the Cowachin and Dosadi make tremendous demands on McKie’s perception. The resultant survivor guilt is a critical element of Gowachin psychology and sociology. Where some are gripped and enthralled others might be frustrated by being made to work too hard.

Though this book takes place after Whipping StarI did not read the first and yet had no trouble following the events of The Dosadi Experiment. When Paul came to Arrakis, for example, he was able to see the crowding possibilities of the future when those around him saw only meaningless events. We find out early on that the planet itself is incredibly hostile, a place where even the soil and water are toxic, and all 90 million inhabitants both human and gawachin, races who do not naturally cohabit live in one intensely crowded refuge, with extremely limited resources, and no contact with anyone or anything on the outside.

Frank Herbert was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American science fiction author.

Home Glossary Timeline New. The result was that. Nothing has produced the desired results, and Ship grows tired of endless repetition.

THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT – Frank Herbert (1977)

In the face of overwhelming consciousness, the body, with its links to the species-past, is the rock on which we can found identity, the anchor that will allow us to ascend to a primal sense of enormity and at-one-ness with the universe, th yet remain human and alive.


Far more stunning is an experience McKie and Jedrik have when they enter the mindswap.

For the most part the three major female characters are still surrounded by men. Want to Read saving…. What do they want him to do? Letting go of the human, they discover it for the first time.

The Dosadi Experiment – Wikipedia

McKie, is not only a top notch secret agent, coincidentally he is also the only guy in the universe who was accepted at the bar of the Gowachin court — the Gowachin being frog like aliens who have a legal system with intricate, changing rules and high stakes, the courtroom being an arena And thus they were willing to destroy the entire planet and everyone upon it rather than risk having it run wild.

They provide legal ways to kill any participants — judges, Legums, clients … But it must be done with exquisite legal finesse, with its justifications apparent to all observers, and with the most delicate exprriment. And what is a Saboteur Extraordinary?

If, on the other had, you thought God Emperor of Dune had way too much psychological babble about the “Golden Path” then this book might frustrate you. There are several significant female characters in the story, including Keila Jedrick, who is presented as the single most competent, ruthless and intimidating person anywhere in the story, and the almost equally intimidating Trea. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: