PREFACE. FM is the Army’s doctrinal manual for cavalry operations. It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs. FM (ARMY FIELD MANUAL ), CAVALRY OPERATIONS (24 DEC )., FM is the Army s doctrinal manual for cavalry. FM , “Cavalry Operations,” is the Army’s doctrinal manual for cavalry operations. It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs, and .

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They design operations to meet the threat being faced. The regiment has an organic air defense artillery ADA capability.

FM – Cavalry Operations –

Regimental and divisional squadrons fight the close battle. It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs, and cavalrh troop and company commanders in the conduct of combat operations.

Serving as liaisons, cavalry carries the commander’s request for information or instructions to a subordinate commander when communications are lost. There are two ways to create sufficient time and space.


Consequently, the commander must know which routes and cross-country terrain are suitable to maneuver forces into decisive engagements with the enemy. Search by date Search by date: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Commanders plan mobility, countermobility, and survivability operations as part of the concept to support the maneuver and fires of friendly units while degrading enemy effectiveness. Command and General Staff College Foundation.

Enter Your Email Address. Command and Control Techniques Section X. Purpose and Fundamentals Section II. Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men. US Army Artillery School. He was met by General Gregg of the 2d Cavalry Division and repulsed. The commander uses fire support to destroy, delay, disrupt, or limit the enemy. Upon commitment, the squadron may continue with the favalry performing reconnaissance or providing security.

This information serves as a basis for the commander to dispose and concentrate his forces for future combat operations.



Training and Preparation Section VI. These threats reflect the more traditional threat concept such as armor, infantry, and artillery formations maneuvering on a battlefield with close air support and the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction. This manual discusses the organization, capabilities, and employment of cavalry units.

Sign In Sign Out. It is normally expected to defeat or destroy a designated formation of an enemy army’s defense. Reserve initially or after a defensive cover to serve as a counterattack force or one prepared to lead a transition to offensive operations with offensive cover.

FM 17-95 1981 (OBSOLETE) : Cavalry operations.

Within the spectrum of conflict, terrain analysts build an extensive digital database of the environment for each potential area of operations. Performing reconnaissance, cavalry provides the commander with combat information he needs to strike at the right place and time, such as the actual size and composition of the enemy, his exact dispositions, where he is strong, where he is weak, and where and when the precise application of superior combat power could have a decisive effect.

The ACR may conduct its own deep operations using the aviation squadron, electronic warfare, air interdiction, indirect fires, or other additional assets task organized to the regiment, such as special operations, long range reconnaissance patrols, multiple launch rocket systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles UAV within the parameters of the joint task force or corps operation.

These missions are grouped into general categories, but they are not mutually exclusive.

Administering the decisive blow to a faltering enemy. The amount of time and space provided may be determined by the commander’s intent. When a light cavalry squadron is committed to a war or conflict environment, its capabilities need to match the increased requirements of these missions, given the factors of enemy and terrain.

These intelligence collection sources facilitate intelligence preparation of the battlefield IPBthe target development process, and execution of ongoing operations. In doing so, cavalry facilitates the corps or division commander’s ability to maneuver divisions, brigades, and battalions and to concentrate superior combat power and apply it against the enemy at the decisive time and point.


It plays a critical role in determining missions assigned to maneuver forces and focuses information-gathering assets, including cavalry.

Purpose and Characteristics Section II. The regimental light armored cavalry squadron ACS[L] is a highly mobile force.

The regimental S2 integrates these assets with the capabilities of the squadrons. Today’s cavalry regiments and squadrons must be able to conduct these operations across the range of military operations peace, conflict, and war against threats ranging in size from czvalry regional powers, lesser powers, and terrorist 17-9 to insurgents. Armored division cavalry squadron. Passive measures are taken by all units and facilities to avoid detection and attack.

The following assets or capabilities are not organic to the ACR L: Isolating the close operation on advantageous terms by opefations the enemy’s closure rate and by attritting, delaying, disrupting, or destroying specific elements of his force.

It is often reinforced by corps combat support units and divisional maneuver battalions. Battlespace includes the commander’s vision of how he will employ his assets and actions in order to dominate the enemy.

Based on operatoons information and orders from Washington, General Hooker began moving the Union Army north. The squadron operates primarily in the environmental states of war and conflict. Some will defend in sector or delay. Mission profiles do not preclude the assignment of other missions required by a particular operational situation.

Offensive and defensive operations can occur as part of any other mission, especially cover, guard, and area and route security.

A2C2 is critical to the operations of cavalry regiments and squadrons. The ACR operatuons be rapidly deployed to a theater of operations by sealift. Area, convoy, and route security within the corps area of operations.

Clarke Library Digital Repository.