FLUTE TRILL FINGERING CHART. O = open. • = pressed down. Move the red key rapidly to produce the trill. Co. APO PROSOPST o oo olo To. Capo to. F#. Note the piccolos are often even fussier than flutes and the same fingerings that work on flute might not work on piccolo. Flute Trill Fingering Chart. Purchase. A trill should always be to the next note in the key signature, unless indicated by an accidental after the trill sign (ex..) Trill those keys indicated by red color.

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A trill fingering that gives just a wobbling sound or a narrow interval is wrong.

T Eb. Armstrong colour one-page trill chart I don’t use the above chart, as colour printing can use up student’s ink; but it has pizzazz, that’s for sure. The entire Delaney Teaching Guide is an interesting read, but you may only want his trill chart, above.

LowBP for the b”. T 1 2- Eb Sharp. So try playing the piece first without the ornaments, and then going through slowly and adding in those extra notes. B 1 -3 Eb Flat. B 1 D -3 Awkward. Slightly sharp, but interval is in tune.


Hole 6 is more historical, and better. It is important to practice these turns when practicing the trills.

T Bb Eb. Harmonic Ab 4 -Bb 4 ; flat.

Activities and Clubs

In a few instances, an alternate fingering for the lower auxilliary is suggested below. This second note is usually not written out. T 12 tripl. It came in handy for our community band concert just last week.

Trill with the little finger of the right hand on the C key. Stress the appoggiatura and use only a few oscillations. Free Online Flute Trill Charts 1.

Bb Eb. This fingering chart includes trill fingerings, which are fingerings designed for rapid alternation between two notes at an interval of a minor second semitone or a major second whole tone apart. B – 23 G Eb Flat.

Flute Trill Fingerings

If you want the whole book, use the link below instead. For a slow trill, this may be better than the fingering above. T 12 3 Eb Basic; fluhe G 4 -A 4 ; flat. The trill chart features easy to follow fingerings from C1 to D4, and includes options for the C -trill key all at your fingertips. Better as a c”’ b over b” b trill. Bb Eb Flat C. Can you recommend a great flute repair person in the Vancouver area? Anchor flute by placing LH pinky under flute below the Trikl key, close RH 3 key ring by using right thumb to xhart the kicker away from the flute, then trill the tone hole while key ring remains depressed.

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T 1 23 G Flat Bb; excellent C. Altissimo Flute Fingering Chart Card.

Teaching & Health :: Fingering Resources :: Altissimo Flute Trill Chart Card

B Eb Flat. Sign in Register Wish list. Search site search by freefind. Flute Fingering Chart Poster.