Cambridge Core – Communications and Signal Processing – FiWi Access Networks – by Martin Maier. The evolution of broadband access networks toward bimodal fiber-wireless (FiWi ) access networks, described in this book, may be viewed as the endgame of. This article provides an up-to-date survey of hybrid fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks that leverage on the respective strengths of optical.

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Yuichi Kawamoto received his B.

Survey on Integrated Fiber-Wireless ( FiWi ) Access Network Architectures

Assigned data rate for transmission in active state of current beacon interval R f: Current queue or buffer size Dc: We have considered IEEE In this nettworks legacy PSM saves energy consumption by having the provision of sleep state.

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It is preferably used when traffic loss due to sleeping is tolerable. How to cite this article. His research netwoeks a wide range of areas including traffic engineering, congestion control, satellite communications, ad hoc and sensor networks, and network security.

It is observed that channel quality and offered traffic to the wireless network are important criteria which directly affect the network performance in terms of throughput [ 12 ]. It can be seen that the total energy consumed for data transmission at 54 Mbps scheme is maximum whereas it is minimum at 24Mbps scheme.

We set netqorks length of DBA cycle to 0. The results of our conducted simulations demonstrate that our proposal can significantly improve various QoS parameters for real time communications for CPSs in contrast with existing methods.


Journal of Lightwave Technology

It can be shown that networos current data rate of the link can be incremented by the value of next index or decremented by value of previous index from standard set of data rates. Access network Wireless mesh network. Topics Discussed in This Paper.

Journal of Lightwave Technology Vol. This paper has 85 citations. In general data transmission is carried out with highest possible data rate, so that device can get more sleeping opportunities with minimum transmission delay.

The second stage is independently conducted in each of the APs to increase the system utility betworks exchanging slots among the users within the same AP. Estimated future data rate for next beacon interval.

Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Broadband Access Networks – Optical Zeitgeist Laboratory

The simulation parameters are summarized in Table I. On the other hand, according to the size of the allocation factor, the efficiency of bandwidth utilization in TM-DBA tends to worsen.

It consists of two states; active and sleep. By this way, it improves a number of QoS parameters, such as the network throughput, latency, and bandwidth utilization.

Survey on Integrated Fiber-Wireless ( FiWi ) Access Network Architectures – Semantic Scholar

Set of all possible data rates for data transmission in IEEE It provides high bandwidth and stability due to optical back end, while mobility and ubiquity due to wireless front end [ 1 ]. However buffering the data at AP during sleep state introduces buffering delay, which need to be considered. Ceiling function is applied to the division result in order to ensure the maximum number of frames, which the STA can transmit.


Throughput Peer-to-peer Algorithm Upstream software development Probabilistic analysis of algorithms. Data acccess length in bytes L A: Higher the data rate more is the energy consumption. Topics Discussed in This Paper. In Intelligent PSM, STA does not get activated after fiei beacon frame reception, but the optimal activation time is decided by the access point AP and the activation time is the integer multiple of the beacon interval [ 8 ]. Citation Statistics 86 Citations 0 10 20 Currently, he is pursuing the M.

The complexity of the proposed architecture is analyzed and compared with other alternatives, and the efficiency of the proposed system is validated by the simulations. This not only provides more time for professional and personal activities for corporate and our own personal benefit, but also helps accesd fuel consumption and protect the environment, issues that are becoming increasingly important in our lives.

TM-DBA has a factor for allocating bandwidth ranging from 1 to 3.