Library or Congress Cataloglng-In-Publlcatlon Data. Carse, James P. Finite and infinite games. Includes index. 1. Life. 2. Games-Symbolic aspects. 3. Religion. Finite Games and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility by James P. Carse was definitely an exciting read for me, and if you consider yourself a. quotes from Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility : ‘To be prepared against surprise is to be trained. To be prepared fo.

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Metaphysics cannot die; it kills. Carse’s book is the one I would choose to purchase in bulk and hand to everyone who passed, hoping that it could be as transformative for them as it had and has been for me. And I agree there were grains of useful truth in there but it was like digging out undigested grains out of a turd, so no second start from me.

Carse is a whore for needless semantic paradox. A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.

Finite and Infinite Games | Book by James Carse | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

The question gets very complicated. An infinite player puts time into play. Only finite games can have boundaries. For others, Carse will offer a challenging yet fascinating world view that enables them to grow with the book.

Finite and Infinite Games – James Carse

Y’know, take up archery or something, give precision a try. In slavery, for example, or severe political oppression, the refusal to play the demanded role may be paid for with terrible suffering or death. For one, a combatant will appraise the strengths and weakness of the opponent so as to have a faultless strategy.


In this elegant and compelling work, James Carse explores what these games mean, and what they can mean to you. Our social existence has, therefore, an inescapably fluid character Culture is one such game, where there can be no winners, the game can’t be repeated and as long as there are players the game will continue. But in every revolution there are those—mostly very sincere revolutionaries who lose themselves in their role—who see a revolution as a thing to win, and who therefore seek power in order to win it.

How can infinite play terminate?

The xnd around the airports in Chicago and Atlanta are so little different from the motels around the airports of Tokyo and Frankfurt that all essential distances dissolve in likeness. Infinite players do not rise to meet arms with arms; instead, they make use of laughter, vision, and surprise to engage the state and put its boundaries back into play.

It is organized as a serious of logical propositions, examples and philosophical arguments.

Finite and Infinite Games

Apr 12, Keytrice Castro rated it really liked it. The future is open and unpredictable. Nov 17, John Gamboa rated infinitd it was amazing.

I knew there were other books csrse there to read, so I was somewhat glad to stop. An extraordinary book that will dramatically change the way you experience life. Finite and Infinite Games provides a lot of elaboration of this basic idea.

Poets who have no metaphysics, and therefore no political line, make war impossible because they have the irresistible ability to show the guardians that what seems necessary is only possible.


We do not purchase an automobile, for example, merely to own some machinery. One can never say, therefore, that an infinite player is homosexual, or heterosexual, or celibate, or adulterous, or faithful-because each of these definitions has to do with boundaries, with circumscribed areas and styles of play. Ok, reading it again, fearfully, acrse it will prove not to have aged well.

Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility

Here is the final chapter in its entirety. By nothing more than fingertip controls, a team of workers can cut a six-lane highway through mountains, or fill in wetlands to build shopping malls. Even in this last, extreme case we must still concede that whoever takes up the commanded role does so by choice.

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In writing this book, perhaps he should have stepped out of the infinite game just long enough to make a bit more sense. You can have what you have only by releasing it to others. Similarly, a fijite must cease to exist as equipment and become sound.

While the book had been engaging, it had taken quite a bit of effort to keep it that way, and that tends to exhaust me so I make progress through the pages too frustratingly slowly.