The Pathwork of Self-Transformation by Eva Pierrakos Paperback $ the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $ Guide Lectures for Self-Transformation [Eva Pierrakos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Pierrakos, Eva. Eva Broch Pierrakos. “The gift of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork has been with me for twenty years. It is the the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $

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Thus, they are a good window into what we are “really” like, as well as what we “really” need to work on. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The Pathwork Teachings

Fusion with another soul, on all levels, is exceedingly important. Eva died in By allowing yourself to feel your true emotions, although painful, can bring true healing and allow you to create the life you want and desire. We cannot, bgoch, force our feelings to feel things they don’t really feel. Through the gateway of feeling your hopelessness, lies your true and justified hope. Through the gateway of feeling your loneliness, lies your capacity to have fulfilment, love and companionship.

NHNE Special Report: The Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos

pirerakos Since the Pathwork material that I have read about this topic is not entirely clear, it may not mean to imply that a grand, cosmic mistake occurred. Although I have not read all of the Pathwork lectures or studied and applied the Pathwork material long enough to feel that I understand everything it is saying, I have spent enough time with it to discover what I believe may be three possible errors.

In order to accomplish feats similar to his, we would have to be made of the same basic substance. This will give you a clearer picture of what your real strengths and weaknesses are.

A poem to help you feel your emotions by Eva Broch Pierrakos | Rebecca Sheehy Psychologist

In doing so, we become pathfinders. My understanding of the poem is that all emotions fear, anger, disgust, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, love, sadness are meant to be felt, expressed pierrakow flow throughout your mind and body. Although many of these piereakos truths can be found in virtually every religious movement in the world, they are often difficult to recognize, understand and apply.


She loved to dance and ski. The lectures came to be known as “The Pathwork Guide Lectures” while the spirit entity, who never identified itself, came to be called “the Guide. Among other things, this report examines the likelihood that many of the claims made about Rboch are almost certainly exaggerated. I have been growing into the lectures for the last 3 years.

I found your site last night via a google search what else?! There is nothing wrong with God. International Pathwork Foundation on Facebook.

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We can fully embrace ourselves, others and the world around us instead of desperately trying to escape. From the Pathwork’s perspective, the lower, unhealed parts of ourselves stand between ourselves and our Inmost Beings. There are many who seek a path to enlightenment or to God, but the Guide emphasises that the specific path we each take will be ours alone and cannot be laid out for us.

God’s plan for all human beings is beginning to reveal itself with increasing clarity. Based piergakos my own experience I believe it can indeed deliver the kind of inner and outer peace and happiness it promises to those of us who have enough patience, persistence and determination to follow the challenging path it champions. With amazing clarity and wisdom, they emphasise the need for honest self-examination on the path of self-realisation. This means asking God to help us see ourselves in a balanced way: Where are we from?

Given the imperfect nature of our world, I don’t believe it is possible for anyone, or any kind of information to appear in the earth that is entirely free of human distortions and limitations. I call these often unwelcome aspects of self layers or characters. Send this to friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. For awhile she lived in New York and then in Switzerland, where she discovered that she had a gift for automatic writing.


The Pathwork Lectures have been transformational in my life. There, in her living room, she would go into a trance and deliver channelled lectures or answer questions for all who came seeking, both in groups and in private consultations.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but now I feel blessed and empowered to continue my life work: NHNE has spent a good deal of time researching the current geological condition of our planet.

If we internalize the idea that a fall wasn’t suppose to happen, but somehow did, then we are confronted with a terrible dilemma: Update On Major Geological Changes: So the work actually begins with dealing with the outer level, our masks, while simultaneously strengthening our connection with our higher self so that we can face the often very unpleasant material of our lower self.

You have an excellent website and I thank you. We find our own way, step by step, through our own personality towards ever greater spirituality. As we discover these dark inner forces, our task then becomes one of calling upon the higher parts of ourselves to help us heal and transform these childish, self-centered, wayward aspects of ourselves.

It also includes many thoughtful letters from NHNE readers. Born in Vienna inshe was the daughter of a well-known Austrian-Jewish novelist, Jacob Wassermann This means taking time to feel God’s peaceful, reassuring and comforting Presence.

Eva’s death threw the entire organization into a tailspin. Thank you so much for this pathwork information on your website.