Download or read online Ericsson Components Ericsson RBS RBS , Ericsson Components, dyson pg dlf nds pdf Accessories, The GSM Macro. Manuals and User Guides for Ericsson RBS We have 2 Ericsson RBS manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Hardware. View and Download Ericsson RBS reference manual online. RBS Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Rbs

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Page TRU 1 – 6 Climate unit Transmission Interface Handling G. It provides communication possibilities for mobile users.

Page Main dedicated signalling channel on the air interface, mainly used for call locating and establishment. It can handle up to four transceivers on two antennas. See also Figure on page Page If the check is successful, the function of the appropriate AO is disabled.


An indicator on the front panel is lit for each TMA in operational mode. Only one dTRU can be connected to each antenna. Page That corresponds to bytes at a transmission speed of 64 kbps.

External Alarms Indicator No external alarm connected to an inlet in any cabinet is active. Page HW supervision and SW handling. The battery fuse unit determines which conversion kit should be used: Rbs Power System The loss in the receiver path varies with the temperature. These Q seconds are considered to be part of the available time. The common term channel denotes the virtual connection, consisting of physical and logical channels, between BSS and MS, during a call in progress.


When a reference is given in the text, it may have a section number added. This means that a fault condition is only raised or ceased during valid observation periods.

Page Reicsson discharges: PA Figure 44 Cascade connections RBS can be cascaded; that is, time slots which are not used by one base station are sent forward – cascaded – to the next base station on the same BSC transmission line. HW supervision and SW handling. Orders can be placed through any local Ericsson company, or alternatively, on the Internet. Page Ericswon Q seconds are considered to be part of the available time.

Local Action Supervision continues after performing a local action. Page 5 minutes. No battery power is used. Local Mode In Progress The function is terminated when the layer 2 communication links on Abis interface concerning the SO has been released and stopped and Local mode has been entered. AO DP is enabled.

If the fault ceases, the local action is stopped. Fault Localization This function is used to localize a detected fault to possible faulty RU.


Ericsson RBS 2106 Reference Manual

If a fault is detected the fault is reported to the fault handling functions. Supervision Of Reference Source The signal is sinusoidal shaped and is suited for a coaxial cable load of 50 Connectors The test interface has an SMB connector.

Page Unit Description, RBS Climate Unit Heater The heater is placed in the internal air circuit and heats the air if the ambient temperature is too low for start up. Figure 3 An example of an RBS servicing a three-cell site 4. Multiplexing of bursts into TDMA frames is performed rgs to: The cable set is available in two versions, 7 m and 15 m. Supported logical channels GSM: Air-to-air Heat Exchanger