Enterprise Integration Patterns. Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Woolf. Computers & Internet. Enterprise Integration Patterns provides an invaluable catalog of. Enterprise Integration Patterns. Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions. by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. While I was working on P of EAA, . Enterprise Integration Patterns has ratings and 40 reviews. Ash said: I started reading this Gregor Hohpe,. Bobby Woolf. · Rating details · 1,

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EIP brings it all together in one place.

Apache Camel: Book Enterprise Integration Patterns

Now I am the chief architect at a large insurance company to bring that Internet-scale development and many of the topics Bobby mentioned into large-company IT. Two heads are simply better than one.

Content Enricher How do we communicate with another system if the message originator does not have all the required data items available? Also, having a coauthor really helps. On the other hand it might be a bit behind in the emergi A book that exploits messaging for enterprises. From the technology perspective, there are few providers that implement EIP – one of which Apache Camel. You have a queue, enterpriee sends messages into the queue, something else pulls messages off to process them.

This is one reason our book includes many navigation aids: Did you consider including messaging antipatterns? Secondly, it serves abd a great reference book for building messaging-based systems.


The messaging pattern language follows a message’s flow, presenting root patterns for each major component of an integration solution. Hystrix Integratin use Hystrix Circuit Breaker when calling an external service. Message Bus What is an architecture that enables separate applications to integeation together, but in enteeprise de-coupled fashion such that applications can be easily added or removed without affecting the others?

Gregor maintains a site with a lot more information on enterprise integration with messaging. Feb 16, Andy rated it it was ok. Refresh and try again. Pattern Index There now follows a list of the Enterprise Integration Patterns from the book along with examples of the various patterns using Apache Camel Messaging Systems.

Graphic Design By Hiram. We certainly did not agree on everything, but whenever one person lost steam, the other person kept going.

How do you simplify dealing with a large message, when you are interested only in a few data items?

What will the messaging system do with a message it cannot deliver? How does a requestor that has received a reply know which request this is the reply for? We wanted to focus on what to do.

Claim Check How can we reduce the data volume of message sent across the system without sacrificing information content? How can the caller be sure that exactly one receiver will receive the document or perform the call? This book provides a consistent vocabulary and visual notation framework to describe large-scale imtegration solutions across many technologies. Helped me a lot during study of Spring integration framework which uses vocabulary and patterns from the book.


A case study describing a bond trading system illustrates the patterns in practice, and the book offers a look at emerging standards, as well as insights into what the future of enterprise integration might hold.

Enterprise Integration Patterns

Jun 28, Patryk rated it it was amazing. A lot of the techniques in the book do apply to both queued and unqueued messaging, as we see with HTTP-style messaging or representational an transfer [REST].

Nov 15, Curtis Jensen rated it liked it Shelves: I wouldn’t recommend reading this book cover-to-cover, but it could serve as a great reference if you need to tackle some complex integration scenario or have some other enterprise messaging needs.

It’s slightly out of date, so it mentions evolving asynchronous web services, but doesn’t really cover them. It guides you to the right patternd on the basis of whether the router handles one message at a time or multiple messages, whether it publishes as many messages as it consumed, and so on.