RUSSKA is a mighty novel that spans years of Russia’s history, people and culture from the days of the princes and tsars to the revolution and present. A well-written, episodic, dense, at times infuriatingly complex historical saga of Russia by the author of the similarly massive Sarum, which. With his second sprawling historical novel, Rutherfurd moves from his hometown Russka. Edward Rutherfurd, Author, Betty Prashker, Editor Crown Publishing.

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An unusual text by Rutherfurd who shows he isn’t afraid to deal with bold- nay, shocking- storylines. I am also fascinated with Russian history and I found the first part of the book very interesting. In the first half the book, skipping hundreds of years between chapters is the norm, but in the second half, time slows down and we meet every generation of the families in question.

The more one listened, the more one became aware of the faint popping, the whispering of the whole countryside melting. Refresh and try again. I love to learn about history through well-written, mostly accurate, historic fiction like Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicles or the novels of Ken Follett.

This is a book to read again to capture the many historic details. You learn a lot about the various invaders of Russia, the way the Russian people lived at various times in its history and how the culture shifted due to all these influences.

Book Review: Russka by Edward Rutherfurd – Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink

Books by Edward Rutherfurd. After this we move onto Catherine and as with Londonthis is where the book really takes off. One gets close, until she gives up her love of music “for health reasons”–problems that are instantly cured upon her falling in love and having a son.

We also see the end of the empire and the first stirrings of revolutionary thought from the s. Jeg eddard vild med det!


Author Did You Know? Sadly, I was still not feeling it.

The Novel of England” and this novel, “Russka” had very good reviews as well, so I gave it a try. If you like this post, please share it: The church is the key. Here was all the problems that made me almost give up on London. Of the work I have read, this approach is no better demonstrated than in Sarum.

Sorry, the graphic incest just made me sick every time. Be the first to discover new talent! I loved every minute of it ruseka lived with the figures in the novel-wept ,rejoiced and feared for them.

Book Review: Russka by Edward Rutherfurd

We even get to experience trench warfare as Germany attacks Russia in Using a narrative which sweeps through centuries, it becomes easier to understand how communism was a logical next step when it happened.

Ignore the Russophiles; this book wasn’t written for them.

For example, the peasant family that joins the nobilitybecause of its business, is based on the Stroganovs. I got lost in the epic, sweeping tale and the history eutherfurd the region. You are commenting using your WordPress. A land of antitheses, a land dutherfurd classical and primitive beauty, a land created by blood, tears and religion, a land where every form of Art flourished, giving birth to Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Gogol, Turgenev, Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Gorgi, Nureyev, and the list is endless.

Russka (novel) – Wikipedia

This is a typical Rutherfurd book in that it spans many centuries following the same families. Yeah, those final 15 are set in Rutherfird you majored in Russian studies on the one hand, or you’re looking for a historical page-turner but couldn’t care less about Russia on the other, this may not be the book for you. Previous Post Useful Website: Ovo je topla prica o jednoj ruthwrfurd civilizaciji, ispricana kroz tri danasnje porodice: But she is soon swept off to Novgorod for a life she always wanted Besides telling an engrossing story In this story, Rutherfurd has created a very interesting and tragic relationship between Boris and Elena, a young married couple who do everything they can to destroy one another.


Petersburg, this glorious, mesmerizing city, and the Golden Age of Russia. I also thought that one of the more interesting periods in modern history for Russia i. I have tried to finish this book at least 3 times.

What is clear is that revolution rutherfurf a few false starts in this period, various uprisings within Ukraine and Russia from various factions that were suppressed or petered out and finally find success in the fateful Through the intricacies of marriage, accidents of birth, and other twists and turns of fate, the ancestors and descendants of these proud people move rueska one century to the next, turning up as warring Alans, barbarous Tatars, bloodthirsty Cossacks, and eventually the more familiar Socialists, Bolsheviks, and Marxists.

Sure, if that’s what you like in a book you’d find it pretty interesting, but if you’re more into suspense, adventure, detective stories or thrillers or even fantasy sagas this is certainly not for you Rarely does Rutherfurd allow wider events to take over the storytelling.

The snowy landscape extended as far as the eye could see, the darker lines of the trees stretching until they seemed rrusska become one with the snow of the endless steppe beyond.

It’s great and I would read it again as I have read Sarum a few times. A few quotes I marked that I particularly liked, either for what it said or how it was said: