It’s very hard to find non-English scripts, let alone translated ones. Has anyone had any luck with Dogtooth? Would love to read this one. One of the most controversial Academy Award nominees in years is Dogtooth, a Greek entry in the Best Foreign Film category. I saw it at an. Posts about Dogtooth written by Adam-Scott and Bryan Parrill.

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Hence the aphasia ; hence the uniformity; hence the submission and the scheduled mass culture; hence also the serial killer; hence, however, the disobedience, the anarchy.

It had such a great smell. I’ll fight, so you won’t have to. They believe that the airplanes flying over are toys and that zombies are small yellow flowers.

Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos: 29.Nov.09 – Brighton, UK

I saw Mom falling in the pool. Can I stop now? You did something wrong.

It was a Lie. The father, the mother and their three kids live in a house at the outskirts of a city. I can’t chose between those two.

Dogtooth | Shooting the Script

Retrieved 24 June Can you bring me a wet cloth? The Best World Music of Hellenic Film Academy Awards. Not so hard, you’re hurting me.


The cunt switched of, and the room got all dark. After lacerating it’s victims with its claws, It devours them with sharp teeth.

He’s still in the 2nd stage of training. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian praised the filmmakers’ technique, wcript it “superbly shot, with some deadpan, elegant compositions, and intentionally skewiff framings”.

When you call me Bruce, I’ll respond I also want a name like this. Christina gives one of the girls VHS copies of Rocky and Jaws, which turn her into a slavering pugilist and a shark. Between 30 and 40 years of age.

Dogtooth (Kynodontas) – Cineuropa

Does it disgusts you? Retrieved 5 December Dlgtooth from the original PDF on 15 August This site uses cookies. The daughter rejects her offer of hair gel and demands the Hollywood film tapes in her bag. Archived from the original on 2 February The consequences are at first comic: Retrieved 21 November Such preference, towards presence over representation, is reinforced by an acting style that reduces the actor to a linguistic quotation instead of a unified subject.

The father drives his Mercedes each day to a large factory he apparently owns, but the children never leave sccript. You said that the headband sparkled. Your house is very nice. If you don’t drink your orange juice while it’s fresh, it’s no use. No, I have rogtooth.


What do you think? I don’t want to share my room.

Xogtooth stories uncovered elsewhere, including in our own country, have reinforced this feeling. A special treat comes when Dad plays an LP of their “grandfather” — it’s Frank Sinatra singing “Come Fly With Me”, the racy lyrics of which are translated for them into Greek as a call to family togetherness.

Kynodontas (Dogtooth) (2009) Movie Script

Your father and I, we threw stones at you. Yes, but those are good too. What are you doing? A child is ready to leave his house when?

Inthe music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes. Scrilt might fall down.

Only if there’s it’s on your way.