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Brenda Bixby rated it it was amazing Mar 14, In other words, in a survival context, when stored energy is consumed and there is no other to replace it, your patient may die. Young squabs are taken for the pot at 8 to 12 weeks, just before they begin to fly.

Fill with sand and set on a clean plastic tarp.

Personal taste and custom notwithstanding, spoiled, badly prepared food cannot be given to patients. If it can’t be hot, it at least should be tepid instead of cold.

These seeps may also be seasonal, tapering off to little or nothing during dry times.

The survivalist’s guide to do-it-yourself medicine

Vet-grade hydrogen peroxide is another strong wound cleanser available from most full-service vet supply counters. The magazine doesn’t have as many ads as we might like to see, but it’s still the best place to read about places to purchase various wind and solar generators, inverters, batteries, and control panels.

Like animal care, good gardening can be a vast topic worthy of many volumes, but I will cover some of basics and tricks as they pertain specifically to a survival nursing situation.


Your friendly vet supply outlet will have dozens of different baits. Fuel oil and gasoline can also be stored in gallon steel barrels. Three nannies will produce between six and nine young per year, depending on breed and general living conditions. In a nursing survival situ- ation, every single ounce of good is wrung from the critter by boiling the bones for meat soup.

Do-It-Yourself Medicine

Be certain to cover all wood-framed cages with wire. Stored food will undoubtedly be the principal, but not only, source of supply for many survival nurses, especially those who suspect that mdicine may be thrown into a survival sit- uation and who make plans now. Keep in mind, however, that bucks do their homework very quickly under ideal condi- tions. Benson is the author of two medical books for the preparedness culture: War is absolute, unmitigated hell.

Other margin- ally better chemicals are out there, but they are generally hard- er to find, ragnwr, and use, especially in a survival situation. Shelf life is about 5 years. It is also a common animal health product. Often they had spent months in the field or on the march without relief.

Whether the meat is jerked or smoked depends on whether light, heat, and smoke or light, heat, and air move- ment are used to cure the strips of meat. Laundry must be done in jumping hot water. It took about 15 minutes to hoist 22 buckets of water to fill the empty barrels.

The survivalist’s guide to do-it-yourself medicine |

The cut in the hill retained and reflected the heat of an open fire. They can be purchased in quart or gallon jugs at the veterinarian’s counter.


Yet no matter how difficult the work, chains must be kept sharp or sawing will be laborious, inefficient, and harmful for the machine and user. To reinforce a cold-weather tent, throw a heavy tarp on top of it that reaches all the way down the sides to rope stays.

Spring water of this sort seeps downhill following a layer of impervious clay. Some may start to go out of condition and die: Heaven help you if they start describing it as a “compound.

These buckets are then stored in a well-insulated, climate-controlled room. Survival nurses, on the other hand, must do their best to provide all of these things too, but under monumentally primitive conditions. The SHELTER 9 Shifta also assumed that because of bureaucratic regulation and rabnar record-keeping requirements, few of the sol- diers would be issued ammunition for their rifles.

Fiberglass and plastic containers can be used to catch water during times of rain.

When living in Africa we sometimes made our own char- coal, although there was lots of work involved in this project. Cabins, swimming pools, green- houses, and the like can be heated nicely raganr these hot-water wells. Survivors in Kentucky, Utah, Tennessee, and North Carolina are currently laying in bags or mmedicine of coal as part of their survival energy programs.

Rabbits will eat up most grassy green mater- ial around the retreat, turning it to wonderful compost.