Denon DJ – MC MKII – Layout. DECK CONTROLS. PLAY. Plays / Pauses the track. CUE. When the Deck is paused, you can set a temporary Cue Point by . The left side of the MC will control VirtualDJ decks 1 or 3, and the right side will control VirtualDJ decks 2 or 4. KEYLOCK: Press this button to “lock” the. Login with your account. A Pro Infinity, PLUS or Pro Subscription License is required to use the Denon MC Without any of the above Licenses.

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VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Hardware Manuals – Denon DJ – MC MKII – Layout – Decks

The denoj tempo will be adjusted by the Pitch Fader Sets focus to the next Browser Window. Press this button to “lock” the track’s pitch to its original key. Mcc6000 elements are not used in default mapper of VirtualDJ. The unit’s top panel ensures maximum ease and efficiency when controlling Serato DJ, allowing access of such ‘on-trend’ DJ performance modes as ‘Roll’, ‘Censor’ and ‘Slip’.

Adjust which channel will be send on the booth output.

The track’s tempo will remain at the speed designated by the Pitch Fader. The ability to record and playback a set is becoming more debon more important in the current world of DJ fan-base social media sharing. The actual pitch fader will not alter the pitch of manula track if the actual pitch and the software pitch value do not match software soft-takeover, ghost fader visible on the GUI.


During playback, you can press the Cue Button to return the track to this Cue Point. Sets focus to the previous Browser Window.

The Led of the button will blink to indicate the Loop In Wheel mode.

Table top CD and Vinyl decks, plus auxiliary input sources can easily be integrated, with USB audio input routing adding even more flexibility. In Vinyl mode, use the outer part of the Jogwheel to bend temporary speed up — slow down the tempo of the track.

When the deck is paused, you can set a Temporary Cue Point by moving the Platter to place the Audio Pointer at the desired location and then pressing the Cue Button. Press and hold this button to keep seeking the track backwards. This means that the MC firmware is responsible for operating these elements. Classic ‘Vinyl’ emulation is also popular during live performances and likewise, the new MCMK2 makes this mode available, via the now silver, high-resolution platters at the touch of a button.

Hold down SHIFT and then press this button to move the loop backwards in beats as many beats as the current loop size. Switch Left decks 1 and 3 and Right Decks 2 and 4. Press these buttons to send this channel’s pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. In most cases this may happen if SYNC is prior pressed or switching decks and the other mabual is having a different pitch software value. Releasing the Cue Button will return the track to the temporary Cue Point and pause it.


Press this button to set manuual Loop In Entry point. Adjust the high frequencies of the booth output.

Denon DN-MC6000 Owner’s Manual

During fast-paced, demanding live performances, the real time channel matrix control of the MCMK2 ensures fast and efficient DJ hand-overs too. Press this button to set a Loop In Entry point. Adjusts the high treble frequencies of the corresponding channel in the software or hardware Input.

Press again to return the Jogwheel to Jog mode. To return to that Hot Cue Point, simply press it.

Hardware Manuals

If you did not set a Cue Point, then it will return to the beginning of the track. In most cases this may happen if SYNC is prior pressed or switching decks and the other deck is having a different pitch software value. Additional control features are added to this new and improved unit, bringing Beats Parameter knob dedicated for controlling beat attributesFX Tap Button to add BPM dataFX Mode Change and now 8 Assign keys for fluid and comprehensive effects control.

If you did not set a Cue Point, then it will return to the beginning of the track. If Sampler is active Sampler Pad page is selected for this deck press this button to select the previous sampler bank.