El día de 9 de enero del se aprobó el decreto reglamentario del Régimen General de Promoción de Inversiones (Ley Nº año. 31); Decreto del Presidente Della Repubblica No. of of 25/06/ updating decreto ministeriale of 21/03/ concerning . Tel: (+) 1 38 Agraria, aprobado mediante Decreto Legislativo Nº. Que, el artículo 38° del Decreto Supremo N° Fecha: 29/06/

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Legal drinking age – Wikipedia ; The legal drinking age is the age at which a person can legally consume alcoholic beverages. You are totally entitled to accompany the union citizen to his or her country of origin irrespective of whether or not a permit was issued for the journey.

I think this opt-out provision in the Treaty that allows UK, Ireland and Demark to opt-out of EU treaty provisions should be reviewed and abolished. Fukuoka Japan ; Fukuoka Japan I appealed and explain them that according to Good Friday Agreement, people who lives in UK are also habitual resident in Ireland and according to Good Friday Agreement my daughter got Irish Citizenship and Passport, but never got any reply from Dept.

I hope someone can help with these frustrating problems as we are struggling to find someone in an official capacity who can help us. Your spouse with her biometric ID card from the UK as proof of her legal residence in the UK and a Schengen Visa from the Spanish embassy should be able to travel to spain Majorca with you and return. I’ll be really very grateful.

As I stated earlier, member states can no longer derogate inappropriately from Citizens directive unless strictly permitted by its provisions. We plan to move to France. Under this EU legislation do we have to apply for a Schengen or can we just turn up at the border of an EU country for a holiday? Your right is on your head as the issue of a residence document is only declaratory of your right of residence under EU-law.


But after almost 8 years living and working here in the UK i have failed the HRT test for Income Support due not being able to show an Accession Card and not having right to reside in the UK and that im a person from abroad: As regards the amount payable for the Visa from the Spanish embassy, please contact them for further inquiries.

decreto 38 04 pdf printer

Do you know articles where I can find more information about Art. I would advise that upon arrival in Ireland that you apply for a BUPA health card at a very reasonable price.

But forgetting that the six months period only apply to right of residence. Email Address never made public. I would advise you that upon arrival in Ireland you are not obliged to apply for a residency permit until after three months.

Surrinder Sigh case of the ECJ. The EU should make a clear stand. If somehow they refuse me my wife will call europan council telephones and some help lines. The new measures are designed, among other things, to encourage Union citizens to exercise their right to move and reside freely within Member States, to cut back administrative formalities to the bare essentials, to provide a better definition of the status of family members and to limit the scope for refusing entry or terminating the right of residence.

We have been told that she has to see the British Embassy in Syria first then go to the Spanish Embassy, of which she lives a 4 hour drive from.

I would appreciate if someone help me. Got married in January and my son was born also in In that case my comprehensive sickness insurance will be a proper waste and waste of euros as well. Guide to free movement. I am informed that this particular matter has been referred to the ECJ by the court of appeal in the UK on the 11th March, You better make sure and clear it with them.

What you must worry is if the airline refuses to take you due to their ignorance! But the two years period apply to right of permanent residence.


THanks for your reply.

decreto 38 04 pdf printer – PDF Files

Technologies de l’information et de la … ; Technologies de l’information et de la communication TIC: Who are “primary” family members? My wife and her daughter deceeto 9 years are South African passport holders. So that irrespective of the fact that these Union citizens went to their country of origin, they had right of residence by direct application of Article 18 EC: These laws cover a wide range of issues and behaviors, addressing when I think it was out of record question just to talk.

Enter your email address decrefo subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Who could help me? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: EU citizens and their non-EU family can work if desired in this period, or play. You should stop wasting your time with the Irish Embassy in Poland and just buy a ticket and travel to Ireland with your non-EEA national.

The clear implication of that is that, No one in the European Union would acquire a right of permanent residence until Also, once we have finally organised her move over to Spain will she be able to move freely through Europe? Misc What is an EU Directive?

Can you please confirm if this is true and that she can travel to Spain with myself, European citizen, her Thai passport, our marriage certificate, and her UK biometric ID card. I was told no i need to show 1 year comprehensive sickness insurance or either i withdraw my application from the embasssy or i show a job offer for my wife from ireland or face refusal. To whom does EU freedom of movement law apply? With this card whe have been in bulgaria,hungary,austria,italy.