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Across Italy and the Western provinces siec titles were used to denote a priestess of the imperial cult. To start with the simplest one: Though the numerous statue bases found in Tarraco, the provincial capital of hither Spain – where the public statues of.

Catia Servara, flaminica Iuliae Augustae, was married to the sevir Augustalis and, probably, freedman Q. Though this is theoretically possible- since Augustae and Augusti are both abbreviated as Aug.

Though this may be true, the fact that we know fewer cannot be attributed solely to a lack of esteem. First, who was, or were, worshipped by imperial priestesses? Baeta flaminica of her native Tucci Hisp. Without further addition, the most deceeto title for an imperial priestess, seems to have been a generic title for a municipal priestess of the imperial. Therefore, it seems likely that the titles for both male and female priests were synonymous, their use depending on regional or local preferences.

Inter alia provides that the occupational therapy centres aim at the social rehabilitation of disabled persons with a partial ability to work. This probably also holds for Aemilia Pacata, flaminica perpetua of Cillium and her husband T. A priesthood of the imperial cult brought honour and prestige: As we have seen, the cult of an individual emperor quickly fell into disuse after his own reign or that of his successor.


Yet, the difference in numbers between male and female priests leads us to assume that some cities had priests, but no priestesses of the imperial cult. Sphere of action So far, the epigraphic evidence shows that priestesses of the imperial cult held their priesthood in their own right. The addition is not restricted to certain provinces or regions though the title flaminica perpetua is especially frequent in the African provinces: By far the most common title for a priestess of the imperial cult is flaminica, its alternative sacerdos being restricted to Italy and the Spanish provinces especially Baetica.

Priestesses of the Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Titles and Function – Persée

Her decrefo built a temple on behalf of the emperor and dedicated it in his own name and that of his daughter: Throughout this paper I use the term “empress” to include all women of the imperial family who received a public cult. Dwcreto Quinta was apparently unmarried when she was elected as flaminica perpetua of Sutunurca Afr.

IV, andMacrob. Order of the Minister of Spatial Planning and Construction concerning occupational safety and health when cleaning pipeworks Text No. Most local priestesses are mere names to us, and so are their husbands and fathers that are sometimes mentioned in the inscriptions.

By contrast, in the city of Rome no priestesses of the imperial cult have so far been found, which may have contributed to their neglect in modern studies of Roman religion.

Perhaps an individual required an altar or a temple devoted to the cult of the empress in question. If a priestess was normally elected for a year, what does the addition perpetua mean?


For other possible freedwomen: Curiously enough, these two were sharply by the Narbonese law on which they base their conclusions.

Some priestesses were married to freedmen and in some cases their cognomen or that of their fathers, seems to point to a freedman’s descent, though they themselves may have been freeborn.

In the following I will restrict myself to discussing these matters decreo the basis of the titles of imperial priestesses; I shall consider what light the additions to these titles shed on the nature of their priesthood and on the object of their cult. Chronological distribution [link] Chronological distribution g [link] Table 3: Price, Religions of Rome.

And, if priestesses, how, and on what grounds, were they elected and whose cult did they serve?

decreto 3512 de 2003 pdf editor

Using a corpus of inscriptions set up by, or for, these priestesses I shall consider the titles used for them, their geographical and distribution, and their relation to the status of the priestesses and the nature of their office, paying special attention to the confusion these titles have caused in modern studies.

Proc, AD Flavia Pacata, flaminica perpetua at Thelepte, died at the age of 15, as it seems unmarried. Geographical distribution [link] Geographical distribution [link] Table 2: Also Nahania Victoria flaminica perpetua in Thugga Afr.

For them, and for women of families that had only recently received Roman citizenship, an imperial priesthood formed a means of social promotion.