The DD Form is used in ITSS to document the acceptance of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). The form is created from an accepted. DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. Follow the procedures at PGI for use of DD Form [ 71 FR , July Subchapter H – CLAUSES AND FORMS Part – FORMS Subpart – Prescription of Forms Section – DD Form

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Liquidation, in effect, unreserves the funds in the MIPR only, and this does not affect the line amounts, distribution values etc. The term “Small Business” includes small disadvantaged businesses. A Government Property Control. C Code U – Uncertified.

48 CFR – DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Enter the number and dollar value of contracting actions including modifications that will also be reported in Block B8 with tariff or regulated industries industries with sole source and service rates which are fixed or adjusted by a Federal, State, or other public regulatory body. If the Obligation Type is not Both, you need not continue to the next page because it is not required.

Otherwise, leave Block E4 blank. See Code H for exercise of an option. Report the completion date associated with an option quantity when the option is exercised. If the contracting action is for services except research, development, test, and evaluationconstruction, or lease or rental of equipment or facilities, enter a service code in Block B12A.

Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR)

B Placed directly with foreign governments under the terms of an international agreement, e. The Assisting Agency Authorizing Officer field is a free text field in the MIPR Acceptance region, using which you can enter the authorizing officer name, even if the officer does not belong to the agency.


The page that displays shows a region Send DD with the details of the assisting agency as well as the persons details of forrm sender of the DD A determination that the prospective contractor has or can get adequate financial resources to obtain needed facilities, equipment, materials, etc. Assign amendments of the same MIPR consecutive suffix numbers. With the Reimbursement Order Category Ithe assisting agency pay for the items up front and is then reimbursed by the requesting agency.

Enter code D if the action resulted from selection of sources for architect-engineer contracts pursuant to FAR 6. Enter code D if the contractor is a qualified nonprofit agency employing people who are blind or severely disabled FAR 8. This section is not required to be completed when using an alternate structured approach The MIPR acceptance form is sent to the requesting agency. The numbers entered here are a breakout of the numbers already entered in Sections B and C.

Do not leave Block B8 blank. B Code B – Additional Work other. A determination that the prospective contractor’s facility security clearance is adequate and df.

An assessment of the prospective contractor’s capability to follow the laws and regulations applicable to the movement of Government material, or overweight, oversized, hazardous cargo, etc. Enter the date that the DD Form is submitted.

Enter rd for paragraphs d 2 i A and B of frm subsection. Not to exceed 36 characters. Enter one of the following codes if Block C1 is coded N. Otherwise, leave Block C2 blank. A Code A – Urgency.

Otherwise, code the blocks with reference to the original contract. It also helps agencies comply with the regulations for creating requisitions. An evaluation of the prospective contractor’s ability to meet flight operation and flight safety requirements on solicitations involving the overhaul and repair of aircraft. If there is no code that applies to the contracting action, enter three zeros. It may involve an evaluation of the prospective contractor’s quality assurance system, personnel, facilities, and equipment.


Use the SIC code in effect at the time of award. Enter code Y if the action was an emerging small business set-aside within a designated industry group under the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program see FAR Subpart The MIPR provides funding information and a description of the goods and services required. An assessment of the prospective contractor’s ability to meet the safety requirements in the solicitation.

Enter each citation in Item 14 in the appropriate space as follows.

Enter sufficient detail to establish the identity of the contracting office submitting the report in Blocks 2a and b. For FMS shipments, enter the MAPAD code in the code block and an instruction for the forj to contact the transportation office of the administering activity to obtain a name and a shipping address.

Enter code Fom if the action resulted from an award pursuant to FAR 6. Note that this action is different from the Change action, which is used to initiate amendments. B Code S – Single Award. Enter code A if the contractor is an SDB concern as defined in A Code Y – Yes. An assessment of the prospective contractor’s capability 448–2 meet the quality assurance requirements of the proposed dr. Enter code 6 if the contracting action is a blanket purchase agreement call established with a Federal schedule contractor pursuant to FAR Enter code S if the contracting action is a task or delivery order under a single award indefinite delivery contract.

D Code D – Change Order. When not in Blocks 6, 7, 14, or 15, insert in Block 13, “see schedule.