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It was the function of Vishwaksen to remove the obstacles in the way of our seeking God and approach ing Him in all humility for help. Inspite of that pitiable state, these two words come out of his mouth. He like us was anakinchanan. Those words mean, “those who are desirous of taking a bath, please come forward.

Apaanga means a glance, a look. You are like the rain bearing cloud that derives its moisture from the vast ocean of mercy Your Lord and drench the world with life sustaining floods of auspicious attributes like Souseelyam, Soulabyam, Vaathsalyam et al.

Our are so vast that they can devour and reduce to nothing all sukrita good deeds and all the sucharita good conduct o whole world taken together. It is only by inference thdt it must be taken that he is one who protects us from obstacles by removing them. The Tirumala Hill is her pleasure-resort, kreedaa- sailam. That entity is one drop of You. The potentiality for committing sin is like the momentum of a moving body.

Here the shore of safety to the chetana drowned i Sarrtsara is only the Lord.

Full text of “Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika”

This essence r saaram is referred to as kamapi saaram, a great and wonderful ssence. GangA has three fold sambhandham: YOII are an Empress among good qualities attributes. It has hundreds of bathing ghats thuRaigaL. Sri Devi and Bhoo-Devi the two Consorts of the Lord ever present by His side see what Daya does and how cleverly she achieves the redemption and rescue of sinning souls.

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What pains the Lord is pleasing to Daya, it is stated here.

More by R. Vedavalli

Just as some famous oshadhis herbs bring back to life those who are almost dead, Sataka revives us. The ChEthanams do not take a rest from compiling these sins. The words phala-vitarana-daksham refer to these aspects. Desika of course also means a uru, an, Acharya, a preceptor.

Your Lord is the Dayz of that gigantic hill. Goshpada has also come to mean the small quantity of water needed to fill the impression of a oow’s foot on loose soil.

And lastly he is the originator as it were of instruction or teaching. Realising that the glory of Prajaapati Brahi and others is really a synonym for grief, the fortunate few desii of securing, albeit for a fleeting moment, the Lord’s vaya Kai ksha blessed by your embrace, crave for existence as an anin or inanimate object in the forests of Vrishagirl.

Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika

The orchestra supp the background music, the songster who has to sing the pa the drummer who is to keep time, between them there is nc ordination and no unison. That look is haardatunga affection-laden.

Jagat-kaaranatvam or being the cause of creation of this world is attributed to Daya in dwya sloka. The poet eviden ly intends to establish the validity of Daya.

The first two words of the second pada of this sloka are taken from there and indicate those two Para- brahma-lakshanas or the indicia of Parabrahman. So they are also due to the sportive instinct in Him.


It is nor a constitutional defect: For not only is Vishva- ksena the foremost of teachers but he is also a pedagogue with a birch or cane in his hand. That is creation properly under- stood and there is no inconsistency in pralaya and srishti both being the work of Daya.

If the chEthanam does not have the benefit of Your merciful glances, it will never attain Moksham, even if it has the best of credentials. The Chathaka birds hover in the sky in anticipation of the nourishing rain waters.

Thus casting the body at Thirumala leads to Moksham with Your help. Fatalaa is what is now known as cataract in the eye. This Vigraha is fpr auspicious and also gw beautiful and so is known as Divyamangala Vigraha, Subhaasraya, Subhasubhagatanu, and so on. Disgusted and depressed at the sight of creatures existing, during pralaya, in a state of non-differentia- tion from inert and senseless matter, you graciously associate them with i.

Just as some famous oshadhis herbs brin back to life those who are almost dead, Daya revives dayx.

Having dealt with the capacity of Daya to restore us to life by Bidding us from the evil effects of our siris in the previous two slokas, the poet in this sloka postulates the efficacy of Daya in redeeming us from Samsara.

And Desika, true follower of the Alvar’s cult as he is, boldly sataakam that Daja had no desire, speaking for himself, to go to Vaikunta. He is well known for His fairness. Then regularly Kumna and Daya have ilternate slofcas.