CDV. Comcast digital voice. CIFA. Program for travel expenses. CSG/ACSR. Computer billing system advanced customer service rep. CU. Comcast university. Start studying Comcast Final Exam Review. Comcast Knowledge Base . troubleshooting guides and knowledge base articles can be found in ACSR. False. “CSG will help us provide more consistent customer interactions by creating opportunities to standardize and streamline our back-office operations.” Comcast .

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Doesn’t go up and up month after month.

I just don’t want to buy it and wind up in that second category. And my assumption could be wrong, but it’s easier to blame Comcast considering all the pain I’ve gone through with them over comcsst last 2 years. Centralized Support Operations team is a group of dedicated, service-oriented professionals who act as the interface between field Also pausing live TV doesn’t work on the anyroom box, I get the pause icon show up on the screen but the TV keeps going.

Believe it or not, not all of us Tier 1s are dumbasses who know nothing about technology. Was only domcast to purchase a signature warranty that would allow them to help me.

I understand the bandwidth issue a bit better now. Why does Comcast insist on afsr these stupid games. Comcast phone support is not really helping much either.


You pay Comcast for access to their network. Comcasg long is the hiring job process usually take? I have a 50mbps connection, hard wired and I rarely get an HD signal at night. Do you guys actually do anything about pirating? Sometimes it’s not so much all hardware as it is just a certain type of hardware. Meanwhile, your connection seems perfectly fine. City, state, or ckmcast code. They may even make some business decisions to limit the amount of incoming Netflix traffic.


Very possible that’s it. Comcast, having it’s own Netflix competitor, has chosen to not allow outside CDNs and thus Netflix has to serve up all the content which takes longer http: If you’re hauling ass on other sites but Netflix comvast slow, doesn’t that seem a little odd? I’ll chime in on this one. No notes, 1 in 3 will usually fuck things up royally for the customer, and we have no way of speaking to them. Also traps are pretty irrelevant once everything is digital.

Proof should be included in the text of the post when you start acsf AMA. Although you are correct that this is total BS, it is more likely that the rep simply wanted to get you off of the line as they cannot just say “yup, we are giving you slow internet, suck it”. See more on our comment removals policy here Other: If it must remain confidential, you can message it to the moderators and we can verify you.

Comcast, having it’s own Netflix competitor, has chosen to not allow outside CDNs and thus Netflix has to serve up all the content which takes longer. I’ve had to do this 3 times to keep my rate from going up.

Are they trained to dodge questions while simultaineously offering some service you dont need? Comcast brings together the best in media and technology. But man, once you have it up and running, the windows media center with a cable card experience is extremely good. Windows XP, no other issues other than this pink xfinity window asr pops up at the top of the email window that says, ” A client error occurred.


Comcast Training by Catalina Laserna on Prezi

The Amazon reviews are either “best thing ever” or “reboots constantly”. So if Comcast would just grab some and cache the data locally, this would work much better. I get this question a lot. Its been a couple of months now will I have these channels forever?

I was using a Ceton adapter on my computer but after 2 weeks of calling back and forth with Comcast, even a rep coming over to my house, they could not figure out the issue. Houston, Texas – Frost. Here is hoping that happens one day. Anytime cojcast are forced to get a supervisor, we always dread it. This lowers network latency and allows for higher quality feeds.

Billing Specialist salaries in Charlotte, NC Learn more about working at Spectrum Spectrum questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: The Associate Customer Service Representative is responsible for taking in-bound calls from members during which they will; answer And believe me, as tech I would love xcsr see the day where everyone has access to stable, very fast internet where they can push as much traffic over it as possible.

This is a lot more complicated than you’d think. Job title, keywords, or company. Suddenly, everyone is downloading a LOT more, and the theoretical link between Zayo and Comcast becomes imbalanced.

Supply isn’t keeping up with demand, and even employee installs are being put on hold. Are you guys trained to not be polite to customers? I worked in a comcast call center in Thanks for the AMA.