This module explains the project manager’s tasks to set up a UCM project. Create a UCM project for the ClearCase UCM tutorial. Creating a view on the. Before using ClearCase® UCM, review the development tasks. When you Eclipse: Creating a workspace for your ClearCase UCM tutorial project. You must . Leif Trulsson. Implementing ClearCase. Implementing ClearQuest for. UCM ClearCase Tutorial—A formal hands-on walkthrough of UCM functionality.

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But you cant stay away with merging why because it is allows you to lock and fantastic parallel development.

If someone reports a problem in a file, especially in a file they’ve modified, I think it is helpful to know where they started from, and that’s represented by the original metadata in the source file. OK – enough wittering. Work on your activities in your private work area.

It is sometimes practical to share views between developers, but sharing branches is the more common practice. How else would you get derived objects? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Git has no direct rights management and must be controlled by hooks during push or pull between repositories hooks available: A power-user that can find what the problem is using cleartool lowers the load on the admin.


ClearCase is a beast to use. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.

clearcqse We always considered that practice as evil mixing meta-data information into dataintroducing “merge hell”. How to use git on top of ClearCase! When starting a new code-base, make sure you get the streams and projects layout right from the start by planning ahead. Don’t leave dangling streams and views.

Deliver your work to the shared work area. Our project migrated later, when there was already some experience with CC. It’s not something I’d use for casual source control. That way, the files can be modified over and over, I know where they come from. Retrieved July 17, ID keywords take two formats, one for files being edited and one for files that are not being edited: Support for derived objects in a view is similar to DSEE’s concept. At any time, a view-private object can be added to source control and become a versioned object, rendering it visible to other users.

A branch hierarchy is often useful: Two derived objects are deemed to be “exactly same” if they have the same configuration record that is, bill of materials.

Rational ClearCase Remote Client – UCM tutorial

DSEE made use of this feature to invisibly substitute a versioned copy when a particular file was opened. ClearCase also supports snapshot views, which are copies of repository data.


I am talking about major re-org branches that run for 6 months involving tens of thousands of changes include directory renaming, file renaming, etc that automatically resolve Lessons in this module Eclipse: The always branch scheme means developers create branches for each bugfix or feature add.

A very competent CC admin that knows what he’s doing is essential for anything but trivial clearacse. Retrieved from ” https: What I have works for me; it isn’t necessarily for everyone. This was a departure from the repository-and-sandbox model because it enabled the early management of artifacts that is, before they are checked in and was not limited tutorlal the management of these first-order configuration items.

Rational ClearCase Remote Client – UCM tutorial

To access your project’s source files, you set up your work area by joining a UCM project. This lasted a while – but only ckearcase while – because, as VonC states, it leads to merge hell. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.