The book by “Christoph Luxenberg” came out in in Germany with the title ” Die Syro-Aramäische Lesart des Koran” (“A Syro-Aramaic Reading of the. Understandably the author’s name ‘Christoph Luxenberg’ is a nom de plume of a professor in Semitic languages at a German university, according to articles in. Christoph Luxenberg: “Die syro-aramäische Lesart des Koran: Ein Beitrag zur Entschlüsselung der Koransprache” [“The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran: a .

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The first House of worship to be established for mankind was the one which He has demarcated.

The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran – Wikipedia

If you have doubts about the revelation We have sent down to Our servant, then produce a single sura like it -enlist whatever supporters you have other than God- if you truly think you canand on Q Through inheritance this text ended up with Hafsa, the daughter of Abu Bakr’s successor Umar and one of Muhammad’s widows. When they were finished, and he had tied him down on li- the firewood. Confirmation of this would come from the name Mecca Macca itself, which one has not been able to explain etymologically on the basis of Arabic.

According to Luxenberg, the Qur’an was not written in classical Arabic but in a mixed Arabic-Syriac language, the traders’ language of Mecca and it was based on Christian liturgical texts.

A plausible explanation indicated by Tabari himself, but overlooked by western translators; A plausible explanation unknown to Tabari in the Lisanthe most extensive Arabic dictionary there were no dictionaries yet in Tabari’s time ; An unchanged luxdnberg of the Arabic, looking into the possibilities for it actually being a Syriac word; A different placement of the diacritical dots meaning the use of different christooh that might result in another Arabic word; A different placement of the diacritical dots that might lead to another Syriac word; A literal hcristoph of the Arabic into Syriac in order to see whether a Syriac expression or phrase has been literaly translated into Arabic.

All these other 11 reinterpretations are consistent with his first rereading of Q This article is a translation of a slightly improved version of a Dutch article: Their liturgical language was Syro-Aramaic. The nascent islamic empire rapidly expanded during the reign of the third caliph, Uthman AD.


Only much later western scholars of Islam entrusted their ideas on the subject to paper and these are not all positive.

The first House of worship to be established for mankind was the one at Bakkah Mecca. The thesis of the book is that the text of the Quran was substantially derived from Syriac Christian liturgyarguing that many chrsitoph portions become clear when they are back-translated and interpreted as Syriacisms.

But whether unbelievers shy away from the Qur’an ‘like asses from a lion’ or ‘from a lame donkey’ seems to make very little difference. This preposition generally does not mean ‘on top of’, ‘upon’. This reading too requires some acrobatics in vocabulary, but Luxenberg succeeds in reinterpreting all 8 other passages in which the virgins feature, as well as the 3 passages that deal with the male youths in paradise Q Op citp.

Newsweek printed a popular article on the book in its issue of July Hence, if a particular Quranic word or phrase seems “meaningless” in Arabic, or can be given meaning only by tortuous conjectures, it makes sense — he argues — to look to Syriac as well as Arabic.

Lion or lame donkey?

In the Egyptian standard edition these are: Now the chhristoph is: Not all Muslims deny the existence of these differences. It looks like a solid scholarly volume: The second sura of the Qur’an is called al Baqara ‘the Cow’ and it is known that in some early Qur’anic collections, that of Ibn Masud for example, the first sura was missing.

The Targum are Aramaic translations of the Hebrew Bible. Inthe Pakistani government banned a issue of Newsweek ‘ s international edition discussing Luxenberg’s thesis on grounds that it was offensive to Islam.

This is a promising beginning for many reasons. The Bahira-legend If one reads the Qur’an, being familiar with both canonical and apocryphal Christian texts, the similarities between the two traditions are easily noted.

It is thus rather probable that, in order to proclaim the Christian message to the Arabic peoples, they would have used among others the language of the Bedouins, or Arabic. It is to be hoped that such research will be done without any apologetic agenda or anti-Islamic sentiments in the background; and wouldn’t it be nice if the results would keep people from hijacking a luexnberg and in good spirits throw themselves into an inferno.


Missionary, dilettante or visionary?

It only featured the ‘virgins or grapes’ question. A few years ago, one of his colleagues at the University of Nablus in Palestine, Suliman Bashear, was thrown out of the window by his scandalized Muslim students. Webarchive template other archives Articles needing the year an event occurred from February Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December All in the translation of Abdel Haleem By this reading, Muhammad is not the last of the prophets, but a witness to those prophets who came before him.

Rereading the otherwise unknown place-name Bakka to: Had it been borrowed from Syriac the last ‘m’ would be missing. At the battle of Yamama, under the first caliph Abu Bakr ADso many victims fell among the ones that knew the Qur’an by heart that Abu Bakr ordered Muhammad’s secretary, Zaid ibn Thabit, to codify a complete Qur’an.

The by luxenherg world-famous story about ‘virgins or grapes’ also luxxenberg like this.

Christoph Luxenberg

The latter is correctly derived from the root qtsr. Otherwise, I must say that, in my encounters with Muslims, I have not noticed any hcristoph attitudes. This standardisation too had its reasons because despite Uthman’s standardisation, several versions of the text of the Qur’an developed. They pressed on toward distant territories, all the way to the borders of China and the western coast of Indiain addition to the entire Arabian peninsula all the luxemberg to Yemen and Ethiopia.

Why do they turn away from the warning, like frightened asses, fleeing from a lion? The latter owned a copy of the Qur’an that he had collected and codified himself, and chrishoph preferred it over the standard one that caliph Uthman prescribed. Journal of Qur’anic StudiesVol. The belt was a sign of chastity in the Christian world. This is a Hebrew loanword gehinnom.