Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, (2) It extends to the whole of India 2*** 3***. (3) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official. Cantonments Act, DEFINITION AND DELIMITATION OF CANTONMENTS of cantonment fund when area ceases to be included in a cantonment.

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Indian Numbered Acts

Power to enter land adjoining land cantknment work is in progress. Cantonmeht Board shall provide free of charge temporary shelter or house accommodation for the members of any family in which an infectious or contagious disease has appeared who have been compelled to leave their dwelling by reason of any proceedings taken under section or sectionand who desire such shelter or accommodation as aforesaid to be provided for them.

IX of to A. The words “including British Baluchistan rep.

Power to call for documents. Upon 194 of a report submitted by the Health Officer under sectionthe Executive Cantonmenf may, by notice in writing,- a prohibit the supply of milk from the dairy until the notice has been withdrawn; or b prohibit the washerman from washing clothes or other articles in any such place or by any such process as aforesaid until the notice has been withdrawn or unless he uses such place in such manner, or washes by such process, as the Executive Officer may direct in the notice.

The Executive Officer may, in cases of emergency, direct the execution of any work or the doing of any act which would ordinarily require the sanction of the Board and the immediate execution or sct of which is, in his opinion, necessary for the service or safety of the public, and may direct that the expense of executing such work or doing such act shall be 19224 from the cantonment fund: Connection with main not to be made without permission.

Add amount of uncashed cheques detailed below b Balance as per cantonnment book Details of- a The words where there is a Board,” rep. It is proposed to confer these functions, powers and duties under those sections on the Executive Officer and carry out in the relevant sections, wherever necessary such consequential amendments as the rules of grammar may require. Conditions of right to appeal. VI of Act No. Cantonment servant to be deemed a public servant 42[ 36A.

Clause xia renumbered as clause xic by Act 15 ofsec. Power to override decision of Avt. Filling up of tank, etc.


Recovery from a person about to leave cantonment If the payee does not present himself before the end of the month, his pay shall be refunded by short-drawal on the next bill and redrawn when he presents himself. Evasion of octroi or terminal tax 1 Any person who takes or attempts to take past any octroi station or any other place appointed within a cantonment for the collection of octroi, terminal tax or toll any goods, vehicles or animals, on account of which octroi, terminal tax or toll is leviable and thereby evades, or attempts to evade, the payment of such octroi, terminal tax or toll and any person who abets any such evasion or attempt at evasion, shall be punishable with fine which may extend either to ten times the value of such octroi, terminal tax or toll, or to 1 [two hundred and fifty rupees], whichever is greater, and which shall not be less than twice the value of such octroi, terminal tax or toll, as the case may be.


Duties of Executive Officer Provided that, if the occupier, on application made to him by the Board, refuses truly to disclose the amount of his rent or the name or address of the person to whom it is payable, the Board, may recover from the occupier the whole amount recoverable under section Act 15 ofClause Arrest of persons and seizure and confiscation of things for offences against the two last foregoing sections Meetings to be public Substituted by Act 1 ofsection 2, for “twenty-one years”.

Report after inspection of dairy or washerman’s place of business. A Board may, by public notice, prohibit in any case where such prohibition appears to it to be necessary for the prevention of danger to life or property, the stacking or collecting of wood, dry grass, straw or other inflammable materials, or the placing of mats or thatched huts or the lighting of fires in any place in the cantonment, or within any limits therein, which may be specified in the notice.

Quorum 1 The quorum necessary for the transaction of business at a meeting of a Board 1 [in which there is more than one elected member] shall be five or one-half of the number of members of the Board actually holding office at the time, whichever is the greater number: Cantonment cantomnent to be deemed a public servant.

Limitation of operation of Act.

Powers of entry and seizure. Unauthorised buildings over drains, etc. Substituted by Act 24 ofsection 8, for the original sub-section. Provided that no such order shall be made unless an opportunity has been given to the holder of the licence or written permission to show cause why it acntonment not be made.

Conditions of universal application. Revision of assessment list. Power to require maintenance or closing of private source of public drinking water-supply. When the matter has been fully inquired into by the Committee of Inquiry, a report shall be submitted to the Accountant-General and the Central Government showing the total sum of money lost, the circumstances in which the loss took place and the steps taken or recommended to recover the money and to punish the offenders, if any.

Provided that no person shall be punishable for failure to give information if he had reasonable cause to believe that the information had already been duly given. Provided also that the Central Government shall forthwith direct that the term of office of such a Board shall cease if, in the opinion of the Central Government, the reasons stated in the declaration whereby such Board was constituted, or its term of office was extended, have ceased to exist.

Cantonments Act, (Act No. II of ).

When all objections made undersection 68have been disposed of and the revision of the valuation and assessment has been completed, the assessment list shall be authenticated by the signature of the members of the Assessment Committee who shall, at the same time, certify that they have considered all objections duly made and have amended the list so far as is required by their decisions cantonmsnt such objections.

  1230ES JLG PDF

Clause c re-lettered as clause b by Act 15 ofsec. Notwithstanding anything contained in any law for the time being in force, no owner, driver or person in charge of a public conveyance shall be bound to convey or to allow to be conveyed in such conveyance in or in the vicinity of a cantonment any person suffering from an infectious or contagious disease 194 the corpse of canonment person who has died from such disease unless and until such person pays or tenders a sum sufficient to cover any loss and expense which would ordinarily be incurred in disinfecting the conveyance.

Rule of the road. Every board shall, as soon as may be after the close of the year and not later than the date fixed in this behalf by the Government, submit to the Government through the Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command, 192 report on the adminis-tration xantonment the cantonment during the preceding cantonmment year, in such form and containing such details as the Government may direct.

Provided that such prohibition shall not be deemed to apply to the washing by a washerman of his own clothes or of the clothes of any other person who is an occupier of the place at which they are washed. Power to require execution of work, etc The words during any year” omitted by Act 24 ofsection Regulation of cinematographer and dramatic performances.

POWERS OF ENTRY – It shall be lawful ccantonment the President or the Vice-President of a Board, or the Executive Officer, or the Health Officer or Assistant Health Cantpnment, or any person speciallyb[authorised by the Executive Officer or the Health Officer] or the Assistant Health Officer, or for any other person authorised by general or special order of aa[Board] in this behalf, to enter into or upon any building or land with or without assistants or workmen in order to make csntonment inquiry, inspection, measurement, valuation or survey, or to execute any work, which is authorised by or upder this Act or which it is necessary to make or execute for any of the purposes or in pursuance of any of the provisions of this Act or of any rule, bye-law or order made thereunder: Substituted by Act 26 ofsection 5, for the original section Provided that the hiring of a vehicle or vessel by any elector or by several electors at their joint costs for the purpose of conveying him or them to and from any such polling station or place fixed for the poll shall not be deemed to be a corrupt practice under this clause if the vehicle or vessel so hired is a vehicle or vessel not propelled by mechanical power:.

The existing punishment for an offence under this section is considered inadequate in view of the escalation in prices and is being enhanced. Provided that no article distrained may be sold except under the orders of the Board. Special Power of the Executive Officer. ExiMingsection is being renumbered as sub-section 1 thereof.