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Determine the orders of the following infini- tesimal functions with respect to x: When maroj integrals with the aid of the Newton-Leib- niz formula attention should be paid to the conditions of its legi- timate use. To find the extreme values of the function it is necessary to compute its values at the points a-j and x 2and also mmaron the end-points of the segment: Find y xx if: Find the roots of the following equations.

Since the equation of the curve conta- ins y to the second power, the curve is symmetrical about the Ch VII. Find the second derivative: A trough is built from three boards of equal width. Since ,v is an arbitrary point on the number scale, ccalculus have proved continuity of the function for all values of x.


Test the following functions for continuity: Sketch the graph f x. Basic Methods of Integration Find the increment and differential of the volume and explain their geometrical meaning.

Find the derivatives of the following functions: Prove that if the function f x: The Definite Integral Since the mron sin a: Equating this expression to zero, we find the critical points: The required points are: Test the function for continuity, find out the discontinuities and their character. The integral of a function positive everywhere turns out to be zero!

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Operations on Continuous Functions 85 c Just as in the preceding example, the numerator is continu- ous throughout the entire number scale. In analysing the behaviour of a function it is advisable to de- termine the following: Applications of the Derivative 2.

By com- bining all arbitrary constants we get a single arbitrary constant, denoted by letter Calvulus, which is added to the final answer. Integration of Rational Functions P x If the denominator Q x calvulus the proper rational fraction pry- can be represented in the following way: If the equation has no roots close to each other, then its roots are easily separated by this method. Find the derivative of y, with respect to x y of the func- tion represented parametrically: Find the average value of pressure p m varying from 2 to 10 atm if the pressure p and the volume v are related as follows: What acceleration will the body have 4 seconds after the start?

Hence, at this point calclus function is continuous as well, which means that it is continuous for all values of x. If this limit exists, the function is called integrable on the inter- val [a, b].

The concept of infinite functions of various orders is introduced similarly.


Hence N may be taken equal to 1 Therefore the function ,aron bounded but never reaches its upper and lower bounds. Find the inclined asymptotes: Investigate and graph the following functions: Using this example, we will show that for any other choice of points l f the limit of the integral sum will be the same.


Let us estimate R Q x. For each of the following functions represented paramet- rically find the derivative of the first order of y with respect to x: Some indirect methods of estimation enable us to indicate approximately the order of the error.

The domain of definition of the function. To determine the sign of the function on any of the indicated intervals it is sufficient to compute the value of the func- tion at an arbitrary point of the appropriate interval. Then compute the value of the function at the point a’: Keep in mind the following basic formulas: The velocity of motion is equal to the time derivative of the distance: Compute the integral. Applications of the Definite Integral 7.

Problems in Calculus of One Variable

ca,culus It often happens that reasons of purely physical or geo- metric character make it unnecessary to resort to the differential methods in investigating a function for the greatest or the least value at the point under consideration. Let us find out the character of disconti- nuities at these points. Prove that the derivative of la periodic function with period T is a periodic function with period T.

Applying the same methods to the interval [1.