Teradata BTEQ – Learn Teradata in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with LABEL − Assigns a label to a set of SQL commands. Bteq Commands. 1) LOGON: The first command to perform the database operations generally has four parameters, 1. TDPID 2. User ID 3. BTEQ commands in Teradata provide great flexibility. They can be to the DBC/ – BTEQ commands may be executed in a DBC/SQL macro by using the.

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However, these two tables cannot be queried.

BTEQ jobs from batch scripts, have error checking and conditional logic, and allow for the. Firstly, Teradata export and load utilities are fully parallel.

However, these 60 different BTEQ commands are utilized in four areas. This is a line of commentary. FAQ’s on Collect statistics Collect stats just derives the data demographics of the table. Commands for Session Control. Enter your logon or BTEQ command: So it is always advisable to schedule the job at off peak period.

The cost involves the cpu usage, and diskio counts. Table related statements i.

Specifies a footer to appear at the bottom of every page of a report. Case 1 – P.

Chapter 40 – BTEQ – Batch Teradata Query – Tera-Tom’s page e-Book on Teradata [Book]

Displays the BTEQ software release versions. Use the following commands to control the sequence in which BTEQ executes commands: A large input unix files could be split into several smaller unix files, which could then be input in series, bteeq in parallel, to create smaller SQL processing steps. Thirdly, MultiLoad can load multiple input files concurrently and work on up to five tables at a time, using multiple sessions. Splits fold each line of a report into two or more lines.


A group of tables, each contains a subset of the keys of the index of beq original table. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. If your table is big and data was unevenly distributed then dynamic sampling may not get right information and your bgeq will suffer.

Hence this leads to inconsistent results 6.

Most important of all, how frequently was this date column used in queries. This feature means that if a FastExport or MultiLoad job should be interrupted for some reason, it can be restarted again from the last checkpoint, without having to start the job from the beginning.

Tera-Tom’s 1000 page e-Book on Teradata by Tera-Tom Coffing

And accurate data is the basis for strong business decisions. Secondly, FastExport and MultiLoad have full restart capability. By doing so, it avoids all unnecessary partitionsthus speeding up the access. Such data typically cannot be stored in a transactional database or used to generate reports from a transactional system. It is beneficial to collect stats on Partition column. It collects the information like: Teju Teju 29 November at Select id,name,sex from employee.

Teradata Material: BTEQ

Did you ever consider to use “between” clause to check if the query performed better?? BTEQ displays the results in a format that is suitable for performance testing. Routes the standard error stream and the standard output stream to two files or devices for channel-attached systems, or to one file or device for network-attached client systems.


Inlist vs Between There are lot of questions running around guys who do tuning.

Yet, BTEQ is not a utility designed for bulk data movement. It is more efficient to specify constants in these, but if a subquery is specified, then the subquery has a commanrs impact on the sql time. Then these smaller files are unix concatenated together to provide a single unix file.

BTEQ – Commands overview in Teradata

The implementation and management of surrogate keys is the responsibility of the data warehouse. BTEQ Basic TEradata Query is a command-driven utility used to 1 access and manipulate data, and 2 format reports for both print and screen output.

Table data could be exported Bteq, Fastexport to a unix file, and updated, and then reloaded into the table Bteq, fastload, Multiload.

This section is based on Teradata documentation [1]and for the detailed commandd, please refer to Reference 1.

In this case, the salesperson will be represented twice in the dimension table with two different surrogate keys. Use constants to specify index column contents whenever possible, instead of specifying the constant once, and joining the tables. The use of variable length columns should be minimized, and should be by exception.