Class: Reptilia. Order: Squamata. Family: Agamidae. Genus: Bronchocela. Species: B. cristatella. Common Names: Green Crested Lizard. Status: Uncommon. Green crested lizard. Bronchocela cristatella. Family Agamidae updated Oct Where seen? This large green lizard is very well camouflaged among the. Bronchocela cristatella, also known as the green crested lizard, is a species of agamid lizard endemic to Southeast Asia. (Source: Wikipedia. Photo: (c) Olik, all .

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Cantor saw the colours of these lizards change suddenly to grey, brownish or brinchocela, sometimes with orange spots or with indistinct black network; large, isolated, round black spots appeared on the head or back or round the tympanum. Description Measuring mm from snout to vent, this lizard has bright green dorsal and yellowish-green ventral. Terralog 7, pp. Lizards of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and their adjacent archipelagos.

File:Green Crested Lizard (Bronchocela cristatella) (8080337487).jpg

Taylor and Francis, London, pp. Their incredibly long tails help them balance while maneuvering from branch to branch. They are capable of gliding short bfonchocela between trees. The Digital Nature Archive of Singapore is built up by the help of various people: Taxonomy, Life History, and conservation of giant reptiles in west Kalimantan. This one is not maneuvering, though.


Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Agamidae with Notes on Other Species in the Genus. Here’s a particularly bright one. The bizarre arboreal agamids. Geckonidae, Eublepharidae, Uroplatidae, Pygopodidae, Agamidae.

New record of Corallus cropanii Boidae, Cristatdlla They are easily identified by its contrasting dark brown ear.

View all coordinates using: Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt, pp. A field guide to the reptiles of Thailand.

Email us at dbsthh nus. Malayan Nature Journal 41 Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator.

Bronchocela cristatella – Wikipedia

New hronchocela records for Perlis State Park and adjacent areas. Asiatic Herpetological Research 9: Canthus rostralis sharp, a series of 3 – 5 small erect, compressed scales behind supraciliary edge forming a small longitudinal crest. Notes on some Reptilia from the Himalayas and Burma.

This graceful, agile lizard is one of the most commonly seen agamids in large swaths of southeast Asia. Systematic Biology 49 2: This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have bromchocela added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.


Edition Chimaira, pp. Retrieved from ” https: Kinabalu mNordborneo, Teil 3: The Bronchocela cristatella mentoned in ter Borg is probably B. A taxonomic review of the genus Bronchocela Squamata: Retrieved from ” https: Bronchocela cristatella Kuhl, Kingdom: Agamidae with description of a new species from Vietnam. Journal of Threatened Taxa 2 3: Bronchocela cristatellaalso known as the green crested lizardis a species of agamid lizard endemic to Southeast Asia.

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