When Brett Kebble was gunned down in his luxury sedan last September, police initially suspected he was the victim of a botched hijacking. But within 24 hours. Barry Sergeant, hard-hitting, bestselling author of Brett Kebble: The Inside Story ( Zebra, ), now tackles the murky world of shady financial. This is the story of the world’s biggest unprosecuted fraud. Barry Sergeant, hard-hitting, bestselling author of Brett Kebble: The Inside Story (Zebra, ), now.

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Roger Brett Kebble 19 February — 27 September was a South African mining magnate with close links to factions in the ruling political party, the African National Congress.

A world where so many major players are involved to such an extent that none of them can afford the cost of the truth. Sanral slams old hoax about huge crack in Durban’s ‘spaghetti junction’.

However, in November Agliotti was acquitted when the court ruled that the state had not made a prima facie case against him.

Brett Kebble

Deals that ought to have been closed months before were jammed up, others were stalled somewhere along the pipeline, kbeble the players still expected their monthly sweeteners, and more. Views Read Edit View history. From inside the book. Fifth horseman of the apocalypse kebblle.

The irony was that while his unassuming wife Ingrid and their children, Matthew, Andrew, Hannah and sweet little Lily, stood to inherit a fortune, life as they knew it depended on Kebble finding R5 million, fast.

Fine wines and fancy cigars 3. The businessman was shot and killed in an assisted suicide on September 27,at a time when he was facing imminent financial ruin, the collapse of his business empire and personal disgrace. Past imperfect, future tense Ways and means of a Robber Baron Pan Macmillan South Africa. His journalism has been recognised on numerous occasions, not least as the unanimous-choice winner of the Valley Trust Award for Courageous Journalism, in Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate?


In the weeks that followed, sensational headlines laid bare Kebble’s flamboyant lifestyle and unorthodox business deals, feeding frenzied speculation about who killed him, and why.

Click here to preview pages from the book Click here for reviews of the book Click here to visit The Kebble Collusion website Parameters of Book: In this book, award-winning journalist Barry Sergeant investigates how Kebble maintained a R5-million-a-month lifestyle, despite zero visible income, and how he concealed hundreds of millions of rands of corporate debt.

This page was last edited on 16 Marchat But in the wake of Kebble’s death, far darker secrets than his unorthodox and downright criminal transactions would also come kwbble light.

And It is true The second level relates to me, the author, but only regarding my quest to get to the bottom of it all. Bidders from as far as Australia, New Zealand and Pennsylvania were at the auction.

Brett Kebble – The Inside Story im Namibiana Buchdepot

The hands on the expensive timepiece that graced the mantelpiece were nudging 8. Srory, a convicted drug-dealer, was a close personal friend of former South African Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi. Let us know about it.

If you add this item to your wish list we will iside you know when it becomes available. When I last saw him in Julyhe had been over the hump years before, and he knew that he was falling deeper into the slough of despondency.

In this title, the author investigates how Kebble maintained a R5-million-a-month lifestyle, despite zero visible income, and how he concealed hundreds bret millions of rands of corporate debt.

Most Read on IOL. JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. But within six months of his The Inside Story Zebra,now tackles the murky world of shady financial dealings, post the Kebble murder. Relationships within the family were tense, but it was the black economic empowerment BEE brigade that had been neediest of late. They had originally planned to have breakfast together, but despite the fact that Kebble already had a dinner date, had opted for an early supper instead.


Click here to visit The Kebble Collusion website. He became a recognised specialist in West African resources, partially triggering his first encounter with Brett Kebble, in storh In death, he was exposed as one of South Africa’s most cunning corporate confidence tricksters, a manipulative deal-maker who ran the major companies under his control as if they were his personal piggy bank.

The Kebble Collusion

Es befinden sich keine Artikel im Warenkorb. It works at two main levels. A cheerful blaze was crackling in the big fireplace in the bbrett reception room, where the two men chatted briefly before sitting down to a simple meal of steak and salad.

Some of the vagrants sleeping rough at the nearby garden refuse dump might have seen their VW Polo leave. Killing a billion Payday for one shady character. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. After graduating with two degrees from Wits in Johannesburg, he was admitted as an advocate, but almost immediately crossed into journalism.

Brett Kebble – Wikipedia

Sergeant argues that Investec worked with Kebble, not just loaning him the money to build up his mining empire, but by selling the the 5,5 million shares Brstt stole from Randgold. Group structures, assets owned and interrelations: A activation email has been sent to you. Barry Sergeant, hard-hitting, bestselling author of Brett Kebble: