Open Source Project to clearly report, develop, advance the electrolyzer plans of Bob Boyce. Image:Bob Boyce electrolysis system sq wide 95xjpg. This project is the construction of an electrolyzer unit which is intended to improve the .. Bob Boyce has recently stated that he has run a cc twin- cylinder. Cluster Map of Web Hits Google: water fuel The electrolyzer projects are George Wiseman Chris Eckman T.V. Prevenslik Horace Heffner Bob Boyce Stan .

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Charged Water Gas Electrolyzers

Canada Patent 2,, May The best electrolytes I found to use were sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. This makes a good base for the primary windings which will be wound on top of the tape layer.

The technical basis for Meyer’s extraction and control of ZPE lies mainly in the effect produced on an atomic nucleus by continuation of the same high voltage pulsing that causes the flectrolyzer of the water molecule.

The water should be cool because the chemical reaction between the water and the KOH generates a good deal of heat … Plate Cleansing: Patrick Kelly, Chap 10, p Thus the extra large volume of monatomic Hydrogen molecules. Even more important is not to arrange a pulsed, rotating magnetic field in the toroid by sequential pulsing of coils spaced around the toroid.

OS:Bob Boyce Electrolyzer Plans –

The inertia paper implies that if we can learn to cohere the zero-point energy, we can in principle invent inertial propulsion: Many can clump together into a necklace-like formation. If Prevenslik thesis is correct, it implies proiect the actual energy source for thunder cloud lightning comes from the zero-point energy. As a welding torch, it exhibits a cool flame, yet it vaporizes tungsten. As water is consumed, the levels will drop.

Normally, the prokect of the wire used in the primaries electrklyzer be greater than that of the secondary because it will be driven by a much lower voltage and so will need a much higher current, but that is not the case here. It is interesting to note that there was only a twenty five year gap in the history of science where the fabric of empty space was considered a true void.


Three concentric spray rings are used.

Your best results will be with a nicely tinned soldering tip of the pencil variety. Before any winding is done, the toroid is given a layer of tape. Filter the dilute KOH solution through paper towels or coffee filters to remove the particles. I used a propane adapter plate on that engine to adapt it to vapor fuel. Bob Boyce Electrolyzer Plans that achieved 64 mpg, drove from D. For a more comprehensive explanation and illustrations, go to http: The output force is boycr great that it damages anything that it hits.

His earlier patent claimed the production of parahydrogen, but the last patent played down that claim. For the moment, we will stick with the solution used by Stan and Bob, and assume that three primary windings will be used.

Could vortex ring formation be the self-organizing seed for e,ectrolyzer and growing the charge water gas cluster?

The theories of the zero-point energy show that under certain circumstances these conditions can occur. Of course such a notion requires a definitive experiment to prove it can be done.

Bob Boyce and the PWM3G

The first book, Tapping the Zero-Point Energy, contains a collection of research papers from throughThe second book, Quest for Zero-Point Energy, has a collection from to The three signals are then added together to produce a rich waveform which is then boosted and passed to his electrolysis cell: Here is a video clip of successfully using the original Meyer driver circuit on his electrolyzer.

I stopped going to most of the public forums because of people like that trying to egg me on. Energetic anomalies include large radiant energy absorption, high frequency spikes, runaway electrons, and anomalous plasma heating. October 07, 8: The water-level sensor can be just one stiff stainless steel wire run down each side of any cell.


The liquid metal would replenish the sharp point that would gradually erode with each EV launch. This is assisted by the infrared radiation from the surroundings so that the whole device will act as an efficient heat pump. Hydroxy Booster Rally Videos – A series of videos from the informal contest between various systems that use on-board electrolysis to generate hydroxy gas to inject into the air intake systems.

Projwct result of all these refinements is that when the water is split, the bias voltage keeps it from recombining, and H molecules have plenty of electrons to absorb, preventing the two Hs from joining. The claims of neutralizing radioactive materials as well as projet transmutation are extraordinary. They can’t, or they will give you a ridiculous answer “Oh it’s swamp gas?

His method is to use a tank of compressed hydrogen gas and a tank of water.

The contestants included a “Smack Booster” and a Prius fitted with Bob Boyce’ system that achieved 64 mpg. After two to three days of run time, pour out the dilute KOH solution and rinse out the electrolyser thoroughly with distilled water. This means that you must build, cleanse and condition your cells prior to making the operational measurements. Surprisingly, brand new shiny stainless steel is not particularly suitable for use in an electrolyser and it needs to receive careful treatment and preparation before it will produce the expected level of gas output.

With an electrolyte solution, the water-splitting takes place at much lower voltage. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Voltage, 4 amps, several hours Rinse with distilled water Remove brownish residue from water 3 Days Steel exhibits rough, white surface After conditioning, electrolyte not needed Bob Boyce used a faster protocol for conditioning his electrodes.